Yinchuan confirmed the novel coronavirus pneumonia infected with the virus delta strain.

In July 30th, 1 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in Yinchuan province.

As of 16:00 on August 3, the patient’s condition was stable, and no abnormality was found in CT examination.

The gene sequencing results of the CDC virus showed that the virus infecting the case was a variant of COVID-19 Delta.

Around the handling of the epidemic situation, 149 close contacts, 972 close contacts and 16236 key risk monitoring personnel have been tracked, investigated and managed.

Three rounds of nucleic acid testing have been completed for the above personnel, and the results are negative.

At the same time, 1 epidemic related scenic spot, 1 sealed Town, 24 hotels (apartments), 231 building units, 11417 health management personnel, all key areas have been terminally disinfected, and the health management personnel are normal.

Source: Yinchuan Health Commission – the.