Zhang Wenhong: 10 suggestions for the next complex situation of Xinguan

In the second novel coronavirus pneumonia multidisciplinary forum, Zhang Wenhong, director of the infectious disease division of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said to international epidemic analysis: as we know, nucleic acid detection is not 100% accurate.

It has been publicly reported by the media: a patient has negative nucleic acid tests before going out of hospital, and she is happy to go home and wait for third times.

The result is third.

However, the third time was positive.

This shows that the virus has not been cleared, but continues to grow in the body.

It can be detected positive only when it reaches a certain order of magnitude.

So, what should we do? In summary, these 10 items must be paid attention to: 01.

First, never relax your vigilance.

Don’t think that the epidemic is over right away.

In fact, the virus is only temporarily suppressed, followed by a protracted war.

The enemy we have to deal with is more cunning.


Secondly, try not to go out when you have nothing to do.

But we must maintain a certain frequency of exercise.

We can do it indoors and outdoors (only in our own home).

Because there is no specific drug for Xinguan at present, the best specific drug at present is personal immunity.

Do not enter any confined space without special needs.


Wash hands frequently and wear masks when going out.


If you don’t have to travel, you don’t have to travel.

(people with cars) for short distance travel, try to drive by themselves.

Try not to go to airports, railway stations, or even avoid transferring to the subway in these places, and strictly prevent overseas input, you know! 05.

Tell the family not to be too close to all outsiders and not to have noisy body movements.


On the premise of safety, put a bottle of alcohol where conditions permit, and be ready to kill the virus at any time.


Consider how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and how to open up new business forms under the existing conditions, because some people can’t keep their work.

And with interest rates down, the possibility of inflation is increasing.

Even if you get lucky to keep your job and keep your salary, in fact, purchasing power is declining.


Although I don’t want to tell the truth, I have to say that the next situation will be more complicated.

Therefore, don’t risk making any investment you’ve never touched.

If you’re Xiaobai, you can even not make investment.


Stay away from the new media that incite hatred and clamor for struggle, and seriously read some classic books.


Live well, vaccinate or confirm effective specific drugs, which is the most reliable“ So far, I think this virus is one of the most difficult viruses in human history.

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