A red force helps the novel coronavirus vaccine to be fully connected | State Grid Yong’an power supply company

NCP helps the novel coronavirus vaccine to be completed and the work is carried out nationwide.

In order to implement the municipal government’s Circular on continuing to promote COVID-19 vaccination, it will help to catch up with the COVID-19 vaccine.

In September 4th, the Yongan power supply organization organized the party service team to the five co construction forestry new village and the “hang up village” Xihang village respectively.

Mobilization, registration, statistics, etc.

It is understood that as of 18:00 on September 1, about 247000 people over the age of 18 had been vaccinated with the first dose of Xinguan vaccine in Yong’an City.

In order to further promote the establishment of the national immunization barrier and ensure the health of the city’s residents, Yongan power supply company of State Grid takes the “double satisfaction” project in the new era as the starting point, and lists boosting vaccination work as one of the important measures of “I do practical things for the masses”.

The full caliber personnel of the company should be fully accepted, and the employees of the company are widely mobilized to participate in voluntary vaccination services, Fully support the vaccination work of hanging bag community (Village)“ Vaccination can consolidate COVID-19’s prevention and control work, and is more conducive to your health.

” At 8:00 a.m., all Party member service teams took separate actions, paid household visits with community (Village) cadres, and mobilized door-to-door one by one according to the list of non vaccinated personnel.

For those who should not receive the vaccine, actively publicize the safety, effectiveness and necessity of Xinguan vaccination, eliminate their doubts, implement the “planting to the best” of those who have not received the vaccine, and achieve targeted force and accurate breakthrough.

The elderly left behind in the village have many questions and concerns about vaccination.

The staff act as on-site commentators to solve their doubts, try their best to “plant as much as possible” and help the city’s vaccination work “accelerate”.

As of 11 a.m., the Party member service team of State Grid Yong’an power supply company had publicized 56 households and issued 54 vaccination notices..