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With the gradual establishment of immune barriers and the spread of variant strains worldwide, the discussion on strengthening the needles of COVID-19 vaccine is increasing.

What is the progress of strengthening needle R & D? Can we “mix and match” between different technical routes? Which is the first dose of booster injection and variant vaccine? Zhang Yuntao, chief scientist of Sinopharm China biology, was interviewed by the media on the 23rd to introduce the strengthening of needle R & D and respond to the concerns of all parties on relevant hot topics( Data: staff members checked the quality of packaging in the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine packaging workshop of the National Biological Products Research Institute of the national pharmaceutical group of China, Xinhua photo reporter Zhang Yuwei photo.

How about enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 needle? Zhang Yuntao said that when Sinopharm carried out phase I and phase II clinical studies last year, it had designed an enhanced needle test, and the relevant data had been released recently.

In the three age groups of 18 to 59 years old, over 60 years old and 3 to 17 years old, the vaccination procedure is designed with an interval of 56 days between the third needle and the second needle“ The overall safety data is very good.

Both local and systemic reactions are in line with expectations, which is no different from those of the two needles.

” Zhang Yuntao said that in terms of immunogenicity, after the third injection, the growth rate of antibody was about 30%.

In addition, Sinopharm group has carried out intensive needle research on 9300 people in the UAE.

The interval between the second needle and the third needle is about 6 months.

The safety data are also in line with expectations, and there are no serious adverse reaction events.

The immunogenicity results are under monitoring.

 “ From these data, it should be said that there is no problem in strengthening the safety of needles.

” Zhang Yuntao said that according to relevant research and judgment and some atypical cohort research data, it is possible to carry out intensive vaccination at a selected time in the future after forming an immune barrier for the whole population and receiving the second injection as much as possible.

As for which groups should give priority to vaccination, Zhang Yuntao said that the relevant vaccination schemes have been discussed.

They should be some special groups, such as the elderly over 60 years old and those who have the closest contact with social and economic activities, including personnel in the aviation industry and express brothers( Data figure: a passenger was vaccinated on a mobile vaccination vehicle located in Hangzhou east railway station.

Can we choose reinforcing needles of different technical routes? If the technical route of booster injection is different from that of early vaccination, what impact will it have on its safety and effectiveness? Zhang Yuntao said that China issued a guide to COVID-19 vaccine technology recommendation to complete the vaccination with the same vaccine product.

After the first shot is inoculated with inactivated vaccine, the second shot shall also be inoculated with inactivated vaccine.

If you inoculate the third needle, it is the same mechanism.

” Zhang Yuntao said that vaccinating vaccines with different technical routes and observing their immune effects is called sequential vaccination research, which needs to meet three conditions: first, according to the provisions of China’s drug regulatory authorities, when conducting sequential research, vaccines with different technical routes must be conditionally listed or listed vaccines; Second, it is necessary to complete the systematic sequential study in animals to verify the safety and effectiveness; Third, through the examination and approval of the drug regulatory department, the sequential research of vaccines with different technical routes should be carried out reasonably and legally.

Zhang Yuntao pointed out that if the reinforcing needles of different technical routes are used directly on the human body across these three steps, they may face long-term safety risks.

At present, there is no more data to predict the sequential research of the booster needle of the novel coronavirus vaccine.

How long it will take to complete the process depends on the R & D process of each scientific research team( Data map: medical staff vaccinated the public with COVID-19 vaccine.

China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin (photo) which should be hit first to strengthen the “third needle” and the “second-generation needle” of mutant strains? The main culprit of the recent outbreaks in mainland China is the delta mutant strain, and the vaccine research and development for the novel coronavirus mutant strain is also in full swing.

If the “third needle” and the “second-generation needle” to deal with the mutant strain are launched at the same time in the future, which vaccination should ordinary people give priority to“ From the perspective of ordinary people, we should first choose vaccination booster in the future.

” Zhang Yuntao pointed out that if the interval between the second needle and the third needle is a little longer, such as half a year or more, the antibody produced by the human body will increase significantly.

This will play a good role in preventing the infection and disease caused by the mutant strain.

According to him, several novel coronavirus vaccines, especially inactivated vaccines, which have been approved by China’s State Drug Administration for conditional listing, still have a good protective effect on Delta strain and beta strain from the cross neutralization test data in the laboratory.

In addition, according to some real-world studies, inactivated vaccines are also very effective in preventing delta strain.

Zhang Yuntao also said that starting from the bottom line thinking of ensuring public health safety, the research and development of mutant vaccine needs to be carried out persistently“ For example, the research and development of delta vaccine is what we have been doing.

The relevant R & D work has been completed and is communicating with the drug regulatory authorities.

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