Blueair, COVID-19, gives you the breath of virgin forest.

COVID-19 lasted more than a year, and many people relaxed their vigilance.

Unexpectedly, from Guangzhou and Sichuan to Yunnan, there was another wave of COVID-19 distribution, especially the outbreak of Sichuan Zhangjiajie in recent years.

The epidemic prevention and control once again attracted the attention of the whole nation.

In addition to COVID-19, the flu season coincides with the risk of influenza and novel coronavirus infections.

Data show that around 1 billion people worldwide are affected by influenza every year, and China has an average of 88000 excess deaths from influenza related respiratory diseases every year.

With the gradual decrease of temperature, people’s blood vessels accelerate the contraction, affecting the blood circulation and the normal operation of viscera and organs, resulting in the weakening of body resistance and the decline of immunity.

In the face of the virus, young people’s immunity can still be “one world war”, but for those with weak immunity, especially those with underlying diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases, they are weak in resistance and are more susceptible to infection.

This wave of epidemic situation in Hebei has a very obvious characteristic.

The infected people are generally older, mostly middle-aged and elderly people.

Autumn does provide a “good time” for the spread of influenza.

Some people think it’s better for the elderly to stay indoors and reduce walking outdoors.

Indeed, we spend 70-90% of our time indoors.

However, the indoor air is not smooth, especially in the south.

Close the doors and windows and blow the air conditioner.

The air is not circulating, and it is easier for people to spread the virus together.

In addition, volatile harmful substances such as indoor decoration materials and kitchen smoke, and the indoor warm environment also provides a good hotbed for virus transmission.

Therefore, how to improve indoor air quality and provide protection for family’s respiratory health is also a very important and practical problem.

Many people will use air purifiers indoors.

At present, most air purifiers are basically effective for PM2.5, but only a few professional purifiers are targeted for formaldehyde removal, and even fewer with sterilization and disinfection.

Today I recommend an air purifier bruyal that can remove viruses…