Can probiotics prevent novel coronavirus? Dairy giant with daily sales of 7.5 million bottles was fined! Identified as unfair competition!

According to credit China website, recently, yangleduo affiliated company Shanghai Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd.

was fined 450000 yuan.

It is understood that Yakult Shanghai Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd.

has been fined by the Pudong New Area market supervision authority of Shanghai for promoting the “probiotics play an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19” before the outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia in China has ended.

Tianyancha app shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by yangleduo (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Yakult (China) official website shows that now, the average daily sales of yolk do in Chinese mainland have reached 7 million 500 thousand bottles, accounting for nearly 20% of Yakult’s global market share.

Misleading publicity and being identified as unfair competition credit China website shows that the punishment basis for Yakult is the first paragraph of Article 20 of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of the people’s Republic of China.

Illegal facts mainly include three aspects.

First, before the end of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic in China, the parties publicized that “probiotics play an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19”.

Citing the “New Coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan”, it is easy to increase the consumer’s attention and trust to its yogurt products, and mistakenly think that probiotics have a preventive and therapeutic effect on COVID-19.

Second, the parties publicize that “beneficial bacteria in the intestine will be lost with the normal excretion of the human body, so it is necessary to supplement active probiotics every day to maintain the balance of intestinal flora”, which will make people mistakenly think that not taking probiotics every day will have an adverse impact on the body.

Third, the party concerned publicized that “a small 100ml bottle of Yakult contains more than 10 billion Lactobacillus casei strains, and one bottle per day can meet the probiotics needed by adults for one day”, which will make people mistakenly think that drinking a bottle of Yakult Lactobacillus every day will meet the probiotics needed by the human body, and ignore the supplement of probiotics other than Lactobacillus casei“ The publicity behavior of the parties concerned is conducive to improving the sales volume of Yakult lactic acid bacteria, gaining competitive advantage, and excluding or hindering the competition of other varieties of probiotic drinks.

” The decision on administrative punishment said.

The market scale of probiotics will be close to 90 billion yuan.

Tianyan inspection shows that the punished Yakult was established in 2004.

The company is 100% owned by Yakult (China) and Yakult (China) is 100% owned by Yakult (Japan) Co., Ltd.

The legal representatives of Yakult and Yakult (China) are pingye Jin.

According to the official website of Yakult (China), Yakult (China) group first started the promotion of live lactic acid bacteria milk drinks in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in 2002, and then entered the Shanghai market in 2003.

In April 2005, yangleduo (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

was established in Shanghai.

At present, yangleduo (China) group has 6 production bases and 50 branches (subsidiaries) in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shanghai, Tianjin and Wuxi.

On the other hand, the official website also shows that according to the official statistics of Shanghai beverage industry association, “Yakult viable lactobacillus milk beverage” has ranked first in the sales market share of lactobacillus beverage in Shanghai for more than ten consecutive years《 According to the panoramic survey and competitive pattern analysis report of China’s Probiotic industry market from 2021 to 2025, the average annual growth rate of China’s Probiotic market is about 15%, and the market scale is expected to be close to 90 billion yuan in 2022.

More than 70% of them are used in dairy industry, and dairy products have become the best carrier of probiotics.

Netizens commented: “dare to touch any porcelain” # Yakult publicized that probiotics can prevent novel coronavirus.

After being punished # on the microblog, netizens also left messages and discussed.

Some said, “although I often drink Yakult, this publicity is too outrageous.”.

Some joked, “research shows that water can cure novel coronaviruss.

No matter you take medicine and infusion, you can’t do without water.

Comprehensive water can cure novel coronaviruss”.

Some netizens commented: “how dare you touch any porcelain” and “the Yakult in your hand doesn’t smell in an instant”.

Some netizens think the punishment is too light; Others believe that probiotics are deified now, and say that “everything is probiotics.

If your intestines are uncomfortable, eat probiotics, if you are constipated, if you are diarrhea, if you are allergic, eat probiotics.” COVID-19 marketing is not the first thing to happen.

Actually, COVID-19 marketing is not the first time.

Last August, a novel coronavirus pneumonia group named Yu Chuan international was sold by COVID-19.

It announced that the products sold by Zizhu salt had multiple functions such as detoxification, radical cure of chronic diseases, prevention of novel coronavirus pneumonia and so on, attracting users to purchase corresponding value products at 1200 yuan, 3600 yuan, 9900 yuan and so on.

The so-called “fairy products” are no different from ordinary edible salt.

Similar incidents happened abroad.

In April this year, Nanyang dairy, a well-known Korean dairy company, launched a false propaganda campaign to curb COVID-19’s panic buying.

It was investigated by the Korean food and drug safety department and some factories were suspended for two months.

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