COVID-19 vaccination schedule in downtown Ma’anshan (September 4th)

In accordance with national and provincial related programs and norms, people aged 12 and above in our city can be vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine.

Among them, the elderly with good basic physical condition can be vaccinated with inactivated vaccine (the elderly over 65 years old need to be accompanied by family members).

Persons aged 12-17 need to be accompanied by a guardian and can be vaccinated with Beijing biology and Kexing Zhongwei inactivated vaccine.

    The vaccination schedule in the urban area on September 4 is as follows: among them, the inactivated vaccine is used for the first dose and the second dose that meets the conditions (Kangtai before August 7, and Kexing Zhongwei and Beijing biology before August 14).

Warm tips 1.

The whole process immunization of zhifeilong Kema vaccine needs 3 doses, and the vaccination interval between adjacent 2 doses is recommended to be ≥ 4 weeks.

That is, the second dose can be inoculated 28 days after the first dose.

Only when the whole process of immunization is completed as soon as possible can the ideal immune effect be produced.

From the perspective of individual protection effect, for the zhifeilong KOMA recombinant vaccine that needs to be vaccinated three times, the human body will produce antibody in a short time after the first dose, but the antibody titer is not high enough to produce good protective effect, and the duration is short.

After the second and third doses of inoculation, it can stimulate the human immune system, arouse the immune memory generated by the first dose of inoculation, produce a stronger immune response, greatly increase the antibody level and prolong the duration.


the Kangtai biological vaccine is the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine produced by Shenzhen Kangtai biological products Limited by Share Ltd.

It is the same type and production technology line with the novel coronavirus vaccine developed by Beijing biology, Wuhan biology and Beijing Zhongxing.

According to the clinical trial data of Xinguan vaccine released by Kangtai biology, the neutralizing antibody GMT (IU / ml) of the vaccine is 131.7, which is 2.65 times that of the serum neutralizing antibody gmt49.7 of the rehabilitated patients.

The expected protection rate is more than 90%, and there are no serious adverse reactions above grade 3.


The general public should enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, be the first person responsible for their own health, and fulfill the code of conduct for citizen epidemic prevention.

Wear masks at the vaccination site, keep a safe distance, pay attention to hand hygiene, and queue up for vaccination according to the guidance of on-site staff.


Please pay attention to local information for vaccination arrangement in three counties.

The city’s COVID-19 vaccination consultation phone calls in Huashan 0555-8881712 rain mountain 0555-2232136 Bo Wang District 0555-6776053 tultu County 0555-6150065 Hanshan County 0555-4331431 and county 0555-5306315 source: Ma’anshan disease control dynamic trainee editor: Ho Yi on duty director: Wang Xiaoming audit: Gu Yu..