Did COVID-19 star find it? Chinese scientists have released heavy news, and 1.4 billion people can rest assured

Nowadays, many countries in the world are still suffering from the serious impact of COVID-19.

From the current situation, it seems quite difficult to achieve comprehensive and effective control in a short time.

However, it is worth noting that in order to better prevent and control the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, many countries have issued corresponding prevention and control policies to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus virus.

On the other hand, many countries have also announced different kinds of novel coronavirus vaccines to further curb the spread of the virus through active novel coronavirus vaccination.

The novel coronavirus variant virus has attracted extensive attention.

What we need to know is that the novel coronavirus vaccine developed now includes not only the traditional inactivation technology novel coronavirus vaccine developed in China, but also RNA vaccine, DNA vaccine and recombinant protein vaccine.

According to the data obtained before, these novel coronavirus vaccines are excellent in clinical performance, and their vaccine efficacy has reached over 95%, which reflects the effectiveness of the vaccine itself when dealing with COVID-19.

But what we need to know is that after the time that COVID-19 has appeared, the challenge of the mutation virus is becoming more and more serious.

Because according to previous research findings, after the mutation of COVID-19, the effectiveness of some novel coronavirus vaccines has dropped to a certain extent, which has also caused many people’s fear of epidemic prevention and control.

However, according to the previous news, the effect of China’s inactivated novel coronavirus vaccine on the protection of severe patients has reached 100%, and the overall protection rate is about 59%.

Just before that, a research paper published by Chinese scientists said that it had made a great breakthrough in coping with COVID-19.

China’s scientists have published important news reports that a blocking antibody is effective in preventing and treating COVID-19, and also has a very significant effect on host cells in the presence of infection.

Animal safety is also excellent in non-human primates.

According to its description, during the experiment on mice, the presence of virus was basically not detected in the lungs of mice using the drug.

The results of this experiment also fully show that this block the antibody itself in response to COVID-19 above the significant effect.

In fact, the viruses in many countries today are delta variant viruses, and the effectiveness of the original vaccine has decreased to a certain extent, which has had a great impact on the epidemic prevention and control in many countries.

However, after the announcement of this news, it can be said that our people can rest assured about the epidemic prevention and control work…