Facing novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with chronic diseases, how to protect themselves?

     Chronic disease is a chronic disease.

Compared with the general population, chronic disease patients develop faster and more seriously after infection with New Coronavirus.

In the current epidemic situation of counterattack and inconvenient medical treatment, people with chronic diseases should pay more attention to self-protection.

     1、 During the epidemic period, when patients with chronic diseases are in stable condition, it is recommended not to go to the hospital or less.

Treat and manage existing chronic diseases as required by doctors.

Prepare all drugs and standardize medication.

If necessary, you can go to the nearby community hospital or go to the nearest drugstore with the existing prescription, or family members can take the patient’s relevant certificates and cases to the previously designated hospital for medicine.

     2、 Closely observe the symptom changes and progress of chronic diseases, and measure blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, etc.

according to the required rules.

When the condition changes, contact the doctor in time, or choose remote or online consultation to see a doctor in time.

     3、 Precautions for going out for medical treatment when you must go out or go to the hospital, select the nearest medical institution that can meet the medical needs.

Try to avoid going to hospitals with large flow of people, fever clinics, emergency departments and other departments; You can know the situation and process of the hospital online or by telephone in advance, make an appointment, and reduce the treatment time and departments.

     Try to avoid taking public transport.

It is best to walk or drive by family.

Patients and accompanying personnel should wear masks throughout the process, try to avoid close contact with people, touch less public goods and do a good job of hand hygiene.

     4、 Try to have a variety of foods, mainly Cereals, with thickness matching, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat livestock, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans, etc.

Eat seven or eight.

Eat less greasy, salty and smoked foods.

     5、 During the epidemic, choose appropriate exercise methods, avoid places with many people, and try to exercise at home.

Outdoor sports can be carried out properly.

Try not to participate in collective projects and pay attention to the sun.

Doing housework and Taijiquan are good choices.

     6、 Keep an optimistic and positive attitude.

Relax in your favorite and feasible ways, such as listening to music, singing, dancing and contacting relatives and friends through wechat.

      7、 Quit smoking, limit alcohol and wash your hands often.

Open windows frequently and have more ventilation.

Family members don’t share towels.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine can be timely vaccinated in patients with chronic diseases without fever, allergies and serious complications.

Written by Lu Jianyi, an expert in health science popularization in Henan Province..