Graphic version! Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control related protection guidelines

01 reserve epidemic prevention materials such as masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, formulate emergency work plans, implement the main responsibilities of the unit, and strengthen personnel health training.

02 the staff shall receive all vaccinations, and pay attention to personal protection after vaccination.

Establish a staff health monitoring system, register the health status of staff every day, and seek medical treatment in time in case of suspicious symptoms.

03 check the temperature of customers and staff entering shopping malls and supermarkets and check the health code.

Only those with normal temperature and health code can enter.

04 shopping malls, supermarkets and their rented shops shall reasonably set the maximum customer reception volume within a certain period of time in strict accordance with the epidemic risk level, business area, business area, business content, passenger flow peak hours, etc.

in the region to prevent personnel aggregation.

05 ensure effective ventilation.

When the temperature is appropriate, natural ventilation shall be adopted as far as possible to strengthen indoor air circulation.

If the central air conditioner is used, the equipment shall be checked before opening to ensure normal operation, a certain distance shall be maintained between the fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet, and the cooling tower shall be cleaned to keep the fresh air outlet clean; During operation, operate with the maximum fresh air volume, strengthen the sanitary management of cooling water and condensate, and regularly clean, disinfect or replace air supply outlets and other equipment and components.

06 before the official opening of the daily business, the central air conditioner operates 1 hour in advance.

After the official closing and clearing of the daily business, the central air conditioner extends the operation time by 1 hour.

07 clean and disinfect the public articles and facilities (such as storage cabinets, shopping cart baskets, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, toilet door handles, public garbage cans, etc.) that are in frequent contact.

08 keep the elevator, information desk and sales area clean and tidy, and clean up the garbage in time.

09 public toilets shall be equipped with sufficient hand sanitizer to ensure the normal operation of water supply facilities such as faucets; If possible, quick drying hand disinfectant or inductive hand disinfection equipment can be equipped at the elevator entrance, information desk, etc.

10 “1m line” shall be set to remind customers to keep a safe distance when queuing for payment.

11 recommend customers to do self-service shopping and non-contact shopping.