Heavy news, official release, the promotional film of Xinguan group is coming!

Founded in 2018, Xinguan Holding Group Co., Ltd.

has always adhered to the development strategy of “industrial diversification and value diversification”.

Through four years of hard work, the company’s development has changed from single business to diversified development.

Through high-quality products and services, it has found a way in line with market laws and its own characteristics The road to long-term sustainable development.

  It can be predicted that in the next five to ten years of development, the company will be able to stand at the forefront of economic development, firmly grasp the market law, lead all employees to forge ahead, work hard, create a new situation of career development, achieve new growth of economic benefits, realize the empowerment and upgrading of the enterprise, take history as a mirror, create a new situation, use creation and pay tribute to the bright future! Anhui Jinlian Jinlian Investment Co., Ltd.

shares common knowledge and win-win situation, and Jinlian huitianxia   There are thousands of families with wealth..