It’s about the beginning of school! Ministry of Education: vaccination against the novel coronavirus vaccine can not be linked to the

Source: WeChat official account “Beijing daily” (ID:Beijing_) On the afternoon of August 27, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the situation of further epidemic prevention and control and vaccination.

At the meeting, Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports, health and art education of the Ministry of education, said that some individual places must provide parents with vaccination and nucleic acid testing when returning students to school.

If there are no such conditions, they are not allowed to enter school.

In fact, in terms of vaccines, several experts and leaders have just introduced that the vaccination in our country, especially for the age group of 12-17, and the vaccination of children under the age of 12, including adults, all follow a basic principle, that is, informed, consent and voluntariness.

Especially for primary and secondary school students, whether they can get vaccinated and whether they are willing to get vaccinated.

From the perspective of the education system, we should strengthen publicity, publicize the safety of the vaccine and the protective effect of the vaccine.

However, in the end, these children can only be vaccinated under the supervision of their parents and with their informed, consent and willingness.

For parents, we also follow the principles of informed consent and voluntariness.

Therefore, when returning to school, we will take many epidemic prevention and control measures, including our recently announced technical plan for epidemic prevention and control in Colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools and nurseries and kindergartens, which also clearly requires that we should control the “three doors”, that is, home, going out and school.

It is neither required nor advocated nor encouraged that all localities take vaccination, especially for parents and people living together, as the standard of whether they can enter the school when they go out, go out and enter the school.

At the same time, this practice is inappropriate.

After learning about the relevant situation, the Ministry of education also issued a timely reminder to ask all localities to stop this practice immediately.

In terms of vaccination, it is not only a kind of protection for individuals, but also an important strategy for the prevention and control of the whole epidemic situation in our country.

It is a very important means and way to protect everyone and jointly protect the whole society.

We should strengthen publicity and encouragement, but it should not be used as a kind of compulsion, especially with the enrollment of primary and secondary school students.

The Ministry of education made clear the “three no principles” for the opening of school in autumn.

Wang Dengfeng also introduced that our tasks and objectives are very clear.

At and after the beginning of the autumn semester, we should ensure the normal education and teaching order and start the school safely.

The work on the opening of school in autumn issued by the Ministry of education puts forward a clear three no principles: if the school fails to meet the requirements of local epidemic prevention and control, it cannot start school; Campus epidemic prevention and control measures are not in place and school cannot start; If there is no clear emergency plan, school cannot start.

Compilation|   Li Shuang, Zhang Xiangyang, Niu Xiaole, Wei Jinyu, on duty editorial board member, Wang Xiaokun..