Jianye District COVID-19 vaccine resumption of first vaccination, appointment method →

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is the most effective weapon to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Let’s make an appointment to play Miao Miao.

The following methods are used: 1.

Pay attention to the official account of healthy Jianye.

Click on “service navigation – epidemic prevention and control” for registration and login.


Registration initial password is 1234) 2, read COVID-19 vaccination informed consent, directly enter the appointment page.

New users first sign up and make an appointment) method two click on “Jianye broadcast” below the front page “epidemic prevention”, you can register, login and make COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

When opening the vaccination point for the first injection, relevant matters suggest that the vaccination must carry their own ID card.

People aged 12-17 must be accompanied by their guardian for vaccination.

During vaccination, they must carry their own ID card and their guardian’s household register.

Please take the initiative to show the “sukang code” at the scene.

During the waiting process, you must wear masks and queue in order to keep a distance of more than one meter.


people who are not suitable for vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine are allergic to COVID-19 vaccine active ingredients, any inactive ingredients, substances used in the production process, or those who have been inoculated with similar vaccines before.


there were severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine (such as acute anaphylaxis, neurovascular edema, dyspnea, etc.).


Uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious neurological diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, demyelinating disease, etc.); 4.

Fever, acute disease or acute attack of chronic disease, uncontrolled severe chronic disease; 5.

When pregnant women are vaccinated, they should carefully read the informed consent form, take the initiative to inform the medical staff of your health, and the doctor will help judge whether they can be vaccinated.

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