Jiashan youth’s first dose of Xinguan vaccine is over! Arrangement for the second dose → [Jiashan inquires about the cat]

It is learned from the county CDC that the first centralized vaccination of Xinguan vaccine for people aged 12-17 in Jiashan has been completed.

Xiaobian hereby reminds people aged 12-17 who have not been vaccinated due to personal reasons to complete the vaccination at the nearest Xinguan vaccination point accompanied by their guardian as soon as possible.

By August 30, 32 “special student vaccination sessions” have been opened in the county, covering 17 junior middle schools In 5 high schools, 28702 people aged 12-17 were vaccinated in the first dose and 1680 in the second dose.

Next, Jiashan will promote the second dose of Xinguan vaccine in an orderly manner.

From September 7 to 12, the county will focus on completing the second dose of vaccination for people aged 12-14.

From September 13 to 19, the second dose of vaccination for people aged 15-17 will be completed.

It is expected to complete the whole process of two doses of vaccination for people aged 12-17 in the county before the end of September.

Jiashan will open five adult Xinguan vaccine vaccination sites today.

On September 1, Jiashan County will open five adult Xinguan vaccination sites The novel coronavirus vaccination arrangements are as follows: accelerate vaccination and jointly build a national immune barrier.

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