Let’s work together, Miao Miao! Ningxia COVID-19 vaccine has been vaccinated 9 million 600 thousand times.

Vaccination is a major strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council from the international epidemic situation and the needs of domestic prevention and control.

In August 31st, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic headquarters of the autonomous region was informed by the reporters that as of August 31st, the region has completed 9 million 618 thousand and 600 doses of vaccination.

In order to further improve the vaccination work, Ningxia requires all localities to strengthen measures according to the unified deployment of the autonomous region, scientifically and orderly promote the vaccination work, and there shall be no “people without vaccines”, “stop and stop” or even “no seeds with vaccines”.

It is reported that the vaccination work in Ningxia is progressing smoothly.

4.7566 million people over 18 years old were vaccinated in the first dose, the overall task completion rate was 96.48%, and 4.3206 million people were vaccinated in two doses.

540800 people aged 12-17 were vaccinated for the first time, and the vaccination task was over completed on schedule, with a completion rate of 106.03%.

Shapotou district took the lead in completing the target tasks in the whole region.

Xingqing District, Haiyuan County, Yongning County and Zhongwei city have completed their tasks.

Personnel of Party and government organs and institutions, basic social operation security personnel, college teachers and students, public security and fire fighting personnel, and medical and health personnel have basically “received everything”.

Doing a good job of vaccination is the top priority of current epidemic prevention and control, and it is a long-term plan of “external prevention input and internal prevention rebound”.

In response to the requirements of the epidemic situation headquarters of the autonomous region, all localities should resolutely overcome the inertial thinking and path dependent working mode, face the problems and challenges directly, change the working mechanism, expand the service forms, redeploy, act and implement the vaccination work, so that all localities do not lag behind the whole region and the whole region does not lag behind the whole country.

We should quickly tighten the “responsibility network”, consolidate responsibilities at all levels, integrate vaccination work into the assessment index system of the region, industry and individual, so that all county, township, street and community village cadres have responsibilities and tasks on their shoulders, so that each cadre can shoulder the burden of vaccination, and effectively form a strong joint force to accelerate the promotion of vaccination.

We should quickly weave a “vaccination network”.

Convenient vaccination is an effective way to improve the vaccination willingness of the elderly and hesitant people.

All localities should fully restore the established vaccination sites in the first half of the year, increase and extend the vaccination service time, so as to facilitate the people to vaccinate at any time.

It is necessary to establish a mobile vaccination team composed of vaccination personnel and medical emergency support personnel in combination with the actual situation, let the vaccination points go deep into the front line, enter the community, villages, enterprises, construction sites, stations and nursing homes, send the vaccination services to the door and home, strive to eliminate the immunization gap and strive to form an immune barrier as soon as possible( Reporter Zhou Yiqing) source: everyone is watching Ningxia daily ↓↓↓ the eighth major supervision of the State Council begins! Ningxia and other 16 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) are subject to supervision! Ningxia’s new intangible cultural heritage regulations will come into force tomorrow: breaking the “lifelong system” of inheritors and failing to fulfill their inheritance obligations will be disqualified.

In 2021, model workers’ living difficulties subsidies and special difficulties assistance funds will begin to apply for a store in Ningxia and will be fined 2000 yuan for this matter! Parents applaud! Producer: Wang Liuji / editor in chief: Zhao Lijun / Editor: Xiao bu..