Many people in the United States took veterinary drugs to treat novel coronavirus poisoning Sunday

How to treat “many people in the United States take veterinary drugs to treat post crown poisoning”? How is the epidemic situation in the United States now# According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, a US health official said in Mississippi, 21 people in the state of Mississippi said that because of the use of ivermectin products to treat or prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia, the relevant agencies in the state have received more and more phone calls suspected of poisoning after taking such drugs.

Chage comments: correct a few points, because some common misunderstandings as implicit premises will make people who don’t know the situation draw wrong conclusions.

First, developed countries do not mean that everyone’s education is strong, and it does not mean that everyone (or most people) will succeed in primary education.

The United States also has two morons, illiterate, mentally disabled and wise, which is definitely not the order of magnitude of “many people” in the title.

So, if there’s anything strange, I’m surprised.

For the same reason, let me explain again, so as to avoid jumping again when the reading ability here is negative – I mean, there are some idiots in the United States, not washing! Chuanbao forgot about disinfectant and laser irradiation? Veterinary medicine is at least medicine.

Second, when you listen to jokes, there are all kinds of people over 100.

In the fight against SARS, I saw it with my own eyes, such as Jieeryin treatment, fragrant ash mosquito repellent incense treatment, white vinegar, sesame oil, garlic soap, leek cow dung lime treatment…

So fried Banlangen licorice tablets and Shuanghuanglian, I think it is a kind of progress.

I dare not say others.

There was a rumor in our family that after the raw potato chips were burnt, they pasted on the back, saying that it was to enhance lung immunity.

Everyone pastes it.

You can see two dark things through your clothes.

You insist on psychological hints, and we don’t quarrel.

There are fools everywhere.

As long as you don’t go out of danger and toss around casually, you should enrich your spiritual and cultural life.

Seriously, maybe the economic conditions are better, and the people’s cultural level is really different.

The novel coronavirus really has too few jokes.

It can’t be compared with SARS…

Doesn’t it mean that Indians drink cow urine? At that time, every unit had a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that was not as good as cow urine and was half forced to drink it.

I think the greatest effect is…

After drinking a smell of urine in everyone’s mouth, they can’t spread out for a long time.

They all shut up and don’t talk.

It may really reduce droplet infection! Don’t say, it’s not good.

That’s how SARS is pressed down!? My god? Don’t let Americans learn this recipe! Egg: what do you think of the American politicians who slandered China’s “persecution of Muslims in Xinjiang” and recently called on China to accept Afghan Muslim refugees? Chage comments: reply to the current situation of China after taking the BBC filter.

China is not only in dire straits, but also has no pan boiling water, no religious freedom, and there is mass genocide.

Why kill Afghan refugees? Although people have lost everything, but feel the freedom of cooking? People all over the world yearn for the dish boiling sweet air of your country and its allies.

It’s not so cruel, is it? Is it what people say to push refugees to China in dire straits?..