Note to overseas Chinese in Thailand: the novel coronavirus isolation center of Taihua is open and free of charge

According to the news released by Thailand’s Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, in order to help more patients get timely treatment, reduce the diagnosis of other family members due to home isolation, and relieve the pressure of the hospital, the Shenzhen Economic and trade liaison office of Shenzhen Municipal Commission for the promotion of international trade in Thailand, Thailand’s Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce and bpk hospital group have jointly established the “Taihua novel coronavirus isolation center”.

  The isolation center has 250 beds and is equipped with professional doctors and nurses.

The isolation center will treat patients with newly diagnosed mild diseases, provide patients with drugs and three meals a day, and ensure that they receive appropriate medical care.

If the patients with novel coronavirus mild disease turn to severe, the center will arrange to send them to the hospital in time.

  The isolation center is open to all Thai and Chinese people by the isolation center.

Some qualified people are free of board, lodging and medical expenses during isolation.

Both Thai Chinese and Chinese with work permits can apply.

The Taihua novel coronavirus isolation center is open to the majority of Taihua friends.

You can contact through the following address: Thailand Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce Taihua Xinguan isolation contact address: soitiwanon, pakkret38 / 1, banmaisubdistrict, pakkretdistrict, Nonthaburi.

Source: Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, Thailand..