Notice of Peace International Hospital on September 1 (day + night) Xinguan vaccination service

Friends from residents: on Wednesday, September 1, Wenzhou heping international hospital received Beijing Kexing Zhongwei and Sinopharm biological novel coronavirus vaccines.

The specific vaccination service arrangements are as follows:   1、 Wenzhou Heping International Hospital Vientiane City vaccination site: 2 doses    Beijing Kexing Zhongwei national medicine biological inoculation time: 14:00 ~ 21:00 (both the first and second needles can be inoculated!) Line up for vaccination on site.

The number of vaccines is limited, first come, first served.

Please wear a mask, take the initiative to show your health code, and be sure to bring your ID card.

2、 Vaccination for minors: from August 1, students aged 12-17 in need can also come to the vaccination point of our hospital for vaccination.

Minors need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians for vaccination.

Please bring your child’s ID card (household register) to come.

Fasting and tiredness should be avoided before vaccination, and the state of relaxation should be maintained as much as possible during vaccination.

After vaccination, be sure to stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes.

Note: foreigners in the vaccination site of our hospital can not be vaccinated temporarily! Compiled by: Pan Sidan reviewed by: Fu wangxue responsible editor: Wang Chen supervised by: Lengyue silent official microblog: Wenzhou Heping International Hospital recommends reading 01 parents’ body.

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