Novel coronavirus vaccination arrangement (20210901)

Hello, fellow residents!      Please go to the North Street community health service center to get the novel coronavirus vaccine if your health permits (no major diseases, pregnancy, abnormal reactions, etc.)! There are Beijing biology, Beijing Kexing Zhongwei and Anhui Zhifei Xinguan vaccines.

Warm tips: those who have received the first dose of Beijing biology and Beijing Kexing Xinguan vaccine before August 11, 2021 (including August 11, 2021) can come and receive the second dose.

Those who have been vaccinated with Anhui Zhifei recombinant vaccine before August 4, 2021 (including August 4, 2021) can come and vaccinate the second or third dose;     If your health permits, please come here for orderly vaccination.

Please bring the original and copy of your ID card when you come   Vaccination time: morning of September 1, 2021    8: 00-11:30 PM    3: 00-6:30 vaccination object: 1.

Personnel of the first dose: residents over 12 years old who have not been vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine.


Personnel with the second dose: those who have been vaccinated with the first dose of Beijing biology and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Xinguan vaccine for 21 days, and those who have been vaccinated with Anhui Zhifei for 28 days.

  Special note: before vaccination: the guardian needs to understand the relevant knowledge of Xinguan disease and Xinguan vaccination, and bring the relevant ID card (ID card or household register) and the original vaccination certificate for the child (carry the original vaccination certificate to check the vaccination files of the recipient and register the vaccination records.

If the original vaccination certificate is lost, it can not be carried); Avoid fasting and tiredness; Vaccination: truthful health and vaccination taboo, after the doctor’s assessment and the guardian signed the informed consent (the name and ID number of the parents at least), after vaccination.

  After vaccination: stay on site for 30 minutes and leave only after confirming that there is no abnormality; If you feel unwell, please inform us in time.

  After returning home: the guardian should pay attention to the child’s condition.

If the child has adverse health conditions, he should report to the vaccination unit and seek medical treatment in time; Within 1 week, children should eat light and have a good rest to avoid excessive exercise and fatigue.


Please consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements, wear masks, prepare health code and travel code in advance, and bring the original and copy of your ID card.


List of materials carried by people aged 12-17: A.

original and copy of ID card (if there is no ID card, you need to bring a copy of my page of household register).


Vaccination certificate (not required).


Do not drink the night before vaccination.


At present, due to the hot weather, in order to avoid heatstroke, please prepare for heatstroke prevention in advance.


Pay attention to rest the night before vaccination to avoid excessive fatigue and fasting vaccination.


For the elderly who are unable to move and take care of themselves, try to be accompanied by their families.

                             North Street Community Health Service Center                        2021   September 1st   。.