Novel coronavirus vaccination latest notice!

Dear resident friends     On September 9, Xiwang chaima community health service station can be vaccinated with Beijing biological novel coronavirus vaccine.

Beijing biological (can be vaccinated with the first and second injections) Anhui Zhifei (no vaccine) vaccination time: 14:00-16:30 p.m   The number source has been put.

You can make an appointment now.

Address: next to the underground garage of King Town, No.

2399 Fangwei Road (opposite Shenjia community).

Please pay attention to the “healthy Xi’an” applet in time for online appointment.

When you come, be sure to bring the original personal ID card and the reservation QR code.

When you arrive at the scene, line up and vaccinate in order.

Long press the QR code to enter the novel coronavirus consultation group and master the second vaccination time in time!       Thank you for your cooperation! The appointment process is as follows: the personal novel coronavirus vaccine appointment process enters the appointment – fill in the health status questionnaire, letter of commitment and informed consent – confirm and submit – automatically generate a QR code – vaccinate according to the appointment time…