[novel coronavirus vaccine] vaccination work arrangement from September 5 to 6!

Novel coronavirus vaccination notice I.

vaccination will be suspended on September 5 (this Sunday).

2、 Vaccines were available on September 6.

Manufacturers: Changchun biology, Beijing Kexing, Shenzhen Kangtai and other vaccines (appointment free); Anhui Zhifei (you need to call 2212653 to make an appointment).

Vaccination target: citizens over 12 years old, vaccination time: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

on September 6 * precautions * 1.

Pay attention to the vaccination interval between the first injection and the second injection.

It is recommended to be ≥ 3 weeks (21 days), and the second injection should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks (56 days)( The manufacturer is Shenzhen Kangtai vaccine, which can not be mixed, and the second injection needs to be vaccinated at an interval of 28 days).


Suspend the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine for residents living in areas with medium and high risk of epidemic in recent 14 days.


No novel coronavirus nucleic acid test shall be carried out within 24 hours after vaccination! 4.

You must show your health code, green code, travel code, ID card, etc.

to enter the vaccination point.


Please wear masks throughout the process to maintain social distance.

If you feel unwell, please inform the on-site medical staff in time.


Please try to take public transport or carpool to get vaccinated.

Kaiping Changsha sub district office community health service center September 5, 2021 [warm reminder] (1) the center fully launched the vaccination service of novel coronavirus vaccine for people aged 12 and above( 2) 12 to 17 years old people need to accompany the vaccination (to carry their household register or ID card, to provide the identity card number and mobile phone number of both parents) (3).

If the people over 60 years old are vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine, they need to carry out detailed health assessment by inoculation site.

4) people who are over the age of 70 and who are vaccinated by COVID-19 should be accompanied by family members or community volunteers.

5) other matters shall be implemented according to the COVID-19 vaccination technical guidelines (First Edition) and our city’s COVID-19 vaccination bulletin.

In order to wear masks, wash hands frequently, get vaccinations and not gather for yourself and your family, please understand each other, forward and share in an orderly manner during the vaccination process, and remind more people to pay attention!..