Please refer to the Tancheng people, the novel coronavirus virus vaccination initiative.

The proposal on COVID-19 vaccination in urban and rural areas:      It’s not that the vaccine is worthless, nor is it that the medical staff, township cadres and village staff have nothing to do, just because you are Chinese.

If you have a strong motherland, you can enjoy the treatment of free novel coronavirus vaccine! If your physical condition permits, please vaccinate as soon as possible.

For you, for your family, for our national peace and security.

    Medical staff, township cadres and village staff are vaccinated every day from morning to night, day and night, and there are no holidays.

Please put down your work and complete the vaccination task as soon as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of building a national immunization barrier.

Please also be kind to the medical staff, township cadres and village staff who silently pay for the people.

They are also ordinary people.

    Medical staff can’t go home, and rural cadres can’t eat.

Behind the huge sacrifice is to vaccinate one person.

Big for the country, small for home without trouble.

When autumn and winter come and the virus is high, we will no longer be afraid to go out because of fear of infection, and we will no longer stop work and unemployment because of the epidemic.

Instead, the establishment of the national immune barrier will make our life unimpeded and the economic and social operation will be good.

First tier developed cities are hard to find a seedling to wait in line! Please cherish our great opportunity of sufficient vaccination and convenience, and don’t beat your chest and feet until you miss the opportunity.

Vaccination is not only a national responsibility, but also a social obligation!     Dear parents, your full support can enable our medical staff, township cadres and village staff to go home early.

You are enjoying the national free policy, and they are painstakingly asking you to vaccinate.

What is their intention? When you get your first shot, a large number of them are still worrying about your second shot.

Why do they leave their homes, can’t they eat on time and can’t go home on time?     At present, the situation of COVID-19 outside China is still grim.

The supply of vaccines is extremely tight abroad.

Many Chinese citizens abroad are trying to get back home.

Folks may think you won’t go out of the county or the countryside, but it doesn’t mean that overseas personnel and personnel in high school risk areas don’t return home.

Only by actively vaccinating can we fundamentally build an iron wall for epidemic prevention.

    If you are the villagers who have not completed the whole vaccination, please cooperate with them.

According to the individual vaccination situation, you should seize the time to vaccinate for yourself and others.

We are always by your side! The people’s Government of Tan urban and rural areas will be vaccinated on August 31, 2021.