Reminder: must I get the novel coronavirus vaccine? It’s illegal not to vaccinate on September 1. Is that true?

                              I believe that now many friends have been injected with the novel coronavirus vaccine, but many elderly or taboo groups can not be injected with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Is the novel coronavirus vaccine compulsory? Must we get a novel coronavirus vaccine now? Is it illegal to refuse the novel coronavirus vaccine? Let’s learn more about it with Xiaobian! Is it necessary to vaccinate Xinguan vaccine now? In 2019, paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the vaccine administration law stipulates that “residents living in China shall enjoy the right to vaccinate the planned immunization vaccine according to law and fulfill the obligation to vaccinate the planned immunization vaccine.

The government provides residents with immunization planning vaccine free of charge “.

Similarly, Article 21 of the basic health care and health promotion law of 2019 also stipulates that “residents have the right and obligation to be vaccinated according to the immunization plan”.

It is the immunization programme that is obliged to vaccinate.

According to the provisions of the vaccine administration law, the so-called immunization planning vaccine, sometimes referred to as class I vaccine, “refers to the vaccines that residents should be vaccinated in accordance with the provisions of the government, including the vaccines determined by the national immunization plan and the vaccines added by the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government when implementing the national immunization plan, And the vaccines used in emergency vaccination or mass vaccination organized by the people’s governments at or above the county level or their competent health departments “.

At present, the novel coronavirus vaccine does not belong to immunization planning vaccine, but only class II vaccine.

Therefore, residents have no legal obligation to receive the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Vaccinating the novel coronavirus vaccine is not a legal obligation, which means that the State shall not be forced to vaccinate.

It is for this reason that the state follows the basic principle of “informed consent and voluntariness” on the issue of vaccinating the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Is it illegal to refuse the novel coronavirus vaccine? The National Health Commission has repeatedly stressed that the vaccination of the novel coronavirus vaccine is voluntary and not compulsory.

This kind of compulsion does not just mean direct compulsory vaccination – limiting personal freedom, pressing down, rolling up sleeves and forcibly injecting vaccines.

In order to promote vaccination, a local practice is to prohibit non vaccinated people from entering public places, etc.

For example, recently, many places such as Anhui Province launched the “two code” joint query.

When entering public places, you need to show the health code and vaccination records at the same time.

It is said that during the implementation, non vaccinated persons can enter only after registering their name, telephone number, residential address and other information (but it is not stated in the notice).

In other words, this requirement does not completely require non vaccinated persons to enter public places, but mainly increases the complexity and trouble of procedures.

However, in the actual implementation, due to the existence of accountability after something, it is difficult not to add weight and refuse to enter at all levels.

Access to public places is necessary for modern people’s survival.

Restricting access to public places undoubtedly has a significant impact on people’s life and work.

Another approach is to include non vaccination on the dishonest list.

For example, many places in Hubei Province and Chongqing have stipulated that those who do not receive the novel coronavirus vaccine without reason shall be included in their personal integrity records.

The inclusion of integrity records means that in the future, they will be adversely treated in terms of loans, house purchase, travel, consumption, and even children’s school and employment.

However, on the one hand, the integrity record shall be carried out according to law, and the integrity matters shall not be added at will.

On the other hand, there is no connection between whether to vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine and good faith.

The implementation of such provisions belongs to improper connection and should be prohibited.

Choosing the “other” option when being asked for vaccination intention corresponds to the “voluntary” principle of vaccination, and there is no problem of dishonesty.

Can COVID-19 be investigated for its legal responsibility if it is not vaccinated against COVID-19? Anhui, Jiangxi and other places require that COVID-19 infection should be severely punished in accordance with the law.

In other words, not only the leaders concerned should be held accountable, but also individuals should be held accountable.

However, since the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine is not the legal obligation of residents, residents should not suffer any disadvantage due to non vaccination.

Infected with New Coronavirus pneumonia, he himself has been an unfortunate victim.

At present, the state has classified New Coronavirus pneumonia as class B infectious disease according to the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases, and has adopted preventive and control measures for class A infectious diseases.

The state may take isolation treatment and other measures for suspected or confirmed patients.

Only those who know that they have been identified as suspected or confirmed patients, refuse isolation treatment, or leave isolation treatment before the isolation period expires (of course, this situation is not easy to happen in reality), Novel coronavirus will be prosecuted for the purpose of investigating its legal responsibilities.

Infection with COVID-19 without vaccination is not a legal liability.

In addition, giving free treatment to new coronal infections only occupies part of public resources, but it is the need to protect public health, which is not an illegal cause.

There is only a probabilistic relationship between novel coronavirus infection, vaccination and infection of novel coronavirus, but there is no inevitable causal relationship( The picture and text come from the network.

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