[September 5 (Sunday)] novel coronavirus vaccination notice

Click the blue word to pay attention to our vaccine type on September 5 (Sunday).

Changchun biological inactivated vaccine (the first and second doses for people over 12 years old) was inoculated twice with an interval of 21-56 days.

Warm tips for people over 12 years old who have not been vaccinated with the first and second doses, please go to the West Street vaccination point of Wuyi life square (in the original flour mill yard) on September 5 (Sunday).

Vaccine type   security   Emblem   wisdom   fly  ( Only the second and third doses) Anhui Zhifei recombinant vaccine was inoculated 3 times, and the next dose can be inoculated after an interval of 28 days.

Warm tips: people who have been vaccinated with the first and second doses at an interval of 28 days should be vaccinated at the West Street vaccination point of Wuyi life square (in the original flour mill yard) on September 5 (Sunday).

Vaccination time: morning:    8: 00-11:30 PM:   3:00—–   6: 30 vaccination address Wuyi bridge Wuyi life square courtyard West Street Xinguan vaccination point precautions: 1.

Please bring the original ID card; 2.

12 years old or above can be vaccinated, not limited to registered residence.


Minors aged 12-17 need to be vaccinated with their parents; 4.

During vaccination, the travel code or health code shall be prepared in advance for staff to view, and masks must be worn throughout the process; 5.

Patients with chronic diseases that can be controlled by drugs can also be vaccinated with novel coronavirus vaccine; 6.

Residents who have received the first dose of Xinguan vaccine and have adverse reactions are not recommended to receive the second dose.

Vaccination contraindications: pregnant women, epilepsy and other nervous system diseases, people who are allergic to vaccine ingredients and serious allergic constitution cannot be vaccinated.

Precautions after vaccination: 1.

Stay in the observation area for 30 minutes after vaccination; 2.

After vaccination, you should rest more, drink more water, avoid drinking, keep the injection site clean and sanitary, and do not clean or squeeze the vaccination site to prevent local infection; 3 novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the main measures to prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia.

After vaccination, we should still adhere to the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and measuring body temperature.

Please wear a mask and carry your ID card — build a healthy dream with you — ●  .