September 6-12 vaccination notice of Xinguan vaccine shelter type temporary vaccination site in zhouwangmiao town

/ wear masks / no more / wash hands / attention: click on official account to check the vaccine situation at any time!! The whole people are vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine free of charge.

Dear residents, the epidemic is not over yet.

Vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine and build a solid immune barrier! Please actively vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine# 1 vaccine manufacturer 1.

Changchun biology 2.

Beijing Kexing Zhongwei #2 vaccination time: 13:30-17:00 p.m.

on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, September 7, 9 and 11 (hot weather, please pay attention to staggering travel) #3 vaccination object 1.

Personnel who have been vaccinated for 21 days shall be vaccinated for the second injection( Beijing biology, Lanzhou biology, Changchun biology, Beijing Kexing Zhongwei, Kexing Dalian) 2.

For minors aged 12-17, please bring vaccination certificate, ID card or household register and be accompanied by a guardian.


Adults who are above 18 years old should be vaccinated first.

When they go to the shelter, please complete the adult file on Alipay mobile phone before vaccination.


Due to the lack of inter provincial information exchange, those who have received the first injection in other places must bring the first injection Certificate (including the vaccination date, vaccination manufacturer and batch number) and complete the mobile phone filing.

If the interval is not reached, vaccination will not be given# 4 vaccination location: Haining golden mink Garment Co., Ltd., No.

78, Youche Road, zhouwangmiao Town, Haining City warm tips 1.

The current epidemic situation is severe.

Please vaccinate personnel with ID cards, wear masks throughout the process, go to the vaccination point at the specified time, actively show health code and travel code, cooperate with temperature measurement, and queue up for vaccination in an orderly manner…