The most terrible sequelae of the novel coronavirus is coming, and the whole world knows nothing about it

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Free subscription, please rest assured! This is the saddest and cruelest story I have seen recently.

A dolphin in his teens died.

She has been a mother.

She is still very young for dolphins.

She was dying when she was found stranded on the beach.

People quickly poured sea water on her to save her.

She struggled to suck in a lot of sand in her mouth, but she still couldn’t swim into the sea, and her excessively thin body didn’t move.

It is strange that her body is basically healthy, and there is no abnormal pathology in her body.

How can she become so thin and even die? Until the anatomists cut open her stomach.

No natural enemies, no end of life.

It turned out that she died of two rubber gloves in her stomach.

These two gloves come from different pairs.

One of them has been seriously damaged and the color has faded a lot; One is basically intact.

Photo source: microblog @ meow fish sauce narruga didn’t know what day it was.

Hungry, she swam and swallowed this tenacious “food”.

She ran out of gastric juice to digest them, but it didn’t help.

Instead, the rubber glove broke, revealing much sharper edges and corners than the stomach wall, and cut a wound on her stomach wall.

Until, her stomach completely struck.

She can’t eat any more and can’t digest anything.

She thought happily that when she finally found the food that could live, who knew what she ate was poison.

She tried her best to live, but it backfired.

The most uncomfortable thing is that this is a true story told by @ meow fish sauce narruga.

In the past, we saw such shocking in foreign documentaries.

This time it was very close to us.

It happened on a beach in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

No one knows where she came from.

Without these two gloves, she should be swimming freely in the sea with her companions at the moment.

This poor sea elf, now, can only be buried in the place she may have yearned for.

Just when I was still suffering from this dolphin, a hot search on microblog stunned me again.

Masks discarded by humans are becoming a nightmare for wild animals.

In March last year, some people were wondering about it.

Now it has become a prophecy.

It turns out that the really terrible “sequelae” of the epidemic has just begun.

Many lovely macaques live in the mountains outside Kuala Lumpur.

Under the epidemic, fewer tourists and less food, but they left their masks and garbage in the mountains.

Curious or hungry, a little monkey picked up one and stuffed it into his mouth.

Not to mention the risk of virus, for the smaller ones, these mask belts may strangle them at any time and kill them.

A seagull somehow gets caught in a mask strap in Chelmsford, England.

For a whole week, he was bound by death and could not move.

If it were not found by rescue workers, another desperate death would be waiting for him.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg we see.

In 2020, the novel coronavirus will burst out suddenly.

With the severity of the epidemic situation, the whole world is calling for wearing masks.

Our use of masks has even reached 1 billion a day.

Ironically, when they become the saviors of mankind, they also become the killers of other species.

According to statistics, more than 1.5 billion discarded masks will flow into the sea in 2020.

These seemingly slim masks take 450 years to degrade.

This year, instead of eliminating the virus, we succeeded in creating a new type of marine garbage.

They invade the sea, lurk in the deep sea, pollute the marine ecology and plunder the lives of marine organisms.

The crab’s feet were entangled by the mask, and he couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard he tried.

The octopus is completely covered by a mask.

Unless an external force helps it take it away, a mask is like a mountain on its head.

The most pitiful thing is the penguins who eat masks by mistake.

For some time last year, the bodies of penguins were washed ashore on a beach in Brazil.

Someone dissected the body of one of them.

There was a black mask inside, which filled its stomach.

Just on this beach, after the carnival of Brazil’s independence day, human beings left.

I don’t know what kind of disaster the little mask I left behind is causing to other life and natureā€œ The earth gives all men the essence of matter, and in the end, the reward it receives from people is always the rubbish of these substances.

When we name masks as new garbage, who should we blame? Masks are certainly not the original sin, but the human beings who throw them away at will.

These abandoned masks are not the only ones that can devastate many pure lands on the earth and make countless earth creatures struggle to die.

A seabird died of digestive problems.

You can’t imagine how much garbage it eats in its stomach? Plastic bags, screws, bottle caps, lighters…

Every garbage we make in our life has become the last straw.

A seal that used to live freely was trapped.

You don’t know what can bind them? Tires, fishing nets, ropes, plastic rings…

Finally, they can only be turned into panic and grief in their eyes.

Similar shocking, yes, we have seen it too many times.

But when 13 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, these add up to 420 circles around the earth.

Every day and every moment, they are becoming a threat to life.

They are not as smart as humans.

They can’t tell what can’t be imported.

The cigarette butts are fed into the chicks’ mouths as food by the mother bird; The plastic bag was used as a jellyfish and eaten into the turtle’s stomach.

We look at the shock, they are to bear with every nerve of the body.

It’s lucky to meet a kind rescuer.

If you don’t, it’s a lifetime of pain until your life dries up.

Rousseau, a famous French thinker, said: “nature never deceives us.

It is always ourselves who deceives us.” Human beings are used to seizing all the immediate interests quickly, and then too wisely throw all kinds of sequelae to nature to digest alone.

Then turn a blind eye to warnings and avoid talking about hidden dangers.

Even if science proves that the garbage we have thrown into the sea these years has been ingested by marine organisms and finally returned to the table, which has been eaten by us.

Awe, protection, just for a while.

What’s more, as far as we can see, the harm of masks, a new type of garbage, only occurs on other lives.

Therefore, even if the number of confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 100 million on the real-time epidemic table, and the virus is mutating wildly in 70 countries in various forms, we still forget the original thinking of symbiosis between man and nature.

However, no one can predict how the real sequelae of this epidemic will be returned to mankind one day in the future.

But the earth will remember all the harm.

Every year, 3.7 billion tons of carbon is discharged into nature endlessly.

The climate is warming day by day, and glaciers are melting rapidly.

The homeless polar bear is reduced from a proud predator to a scavenger who feeds on human scraps.

The snow-white hair was stained with accumulated industrial waste.

She was lonely and desperate.

She didn’t know where to go home.

I saw a more painful picture a few days ago.

The hungry polar bear mother, with her two children, broke into the human residence to look for food and was besieged by a group of dogs.

When the food was not found, mother bear could only tremble and try to protect the baby hiding behind.

Species die out and are born sorry.

Perhaps many people can’t find empathic grief in them..