The novel coronavirus vaccine in the United States has caused 13627 deaths and 1429 maternal and fetal deaths

Source Kakashi farm   Global research reported that according to the latest statistics released by the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday, August 27, 2021, the U.S.

vaccine adverse reaction event reporting system (VAERS) recorded 13627 deaths, 2826646 injuries and 1429 fetal deaths due to injection in the past 8 and a half months.

     It also recorded 17794 permanent disabilities, 74369 emergency visits, 55821 hospitalizations and 14104 life-threatening events.

All this happened in just over eight months.

     From January 1, 1991 to November 30, 2020, the last month before the novel coronavirus vaccine was authorized for emergency use, only 6068 deaths (mainly infants) were recorded after vaccination of all varieties of vaccines.

    Although the death and injury rate after the injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine is so high that the world should stop this crazy large-scale experimental vaccine injection long ago, the situation is developing in the opposite direction.

More “enhanced” novel coronavirus vaccines are being promoted and have been implemented in Pfizer’s “laboratory mouse” country Israel.

     It is reported that as the Israeli government expands the supply scope of Pfizer’s novel coronavirus vaccine booster injection to all citizens over the age of 12, and stipulates that all those who do not choose the third injection will lose the privilege of green pass in October.

From October 1, the “green pass” required to enter some assemblies and public places will expire not only within six months after the holder receives the second injection, but also within six months after the third injection…