The novel coronavirus variant strain “Mu” has spread to more than 40 countries, and has also been recruited in China! Or become resistant to

Under the epidemic situation, delta mutant virus is still raging, and recently there has been a terrible novel coronavirus mutant strain: Mu! And has spread to more than 40 countries! There are a series of mutations in the Mu variant of COVID-19’s “Mu” variant, showing that 3D has the potential of immune escape.

It is listed as a “need to pay attention” variant by the who, or it is resistant to the vaccine! The mutant strain has not only been found in most states of the United States.

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places have also seen the “first case”! There are more and more novel coronavirus variant strains.

People have been infected with two variant strains at the same time! Five days after the diagnosis of death, 01 new variants of “Mu” spread in more than 40 countries or produced resistance to vaccines.

Local time in September 2nd, the Ministry of health of Columbia confirmed that the variant COVID-19 strain “Mu” (B.1.621) was a local variant strain found in the country.

The earliest patients infected with the strain can be traced back to January this year.

In more than half a year, the mutant strain has spread to more than 40 countries! A novel coronavirus variant called “Mu” is being closely monitored, WHO said, and it is listed as a “focus on variant”.

Worryingly, the latest monitoring data show that the “Mu” mutant strain has a series of mutations, indicating that it has the potential characteristics of immune escape (vaccine resistance).

In other words, the mutation of this variant indicates that it is possible to develop resistance to the vaccine! According to the preliminary data submitted to the WHO Working Group on virus evolution, the neutralization ability of the recovery period and vaccine serum decreased, which is similar to that of the beta variant, but this needs to be confirmed by further research.

It is reported that the “Mu” variant has genetic changes that affect the characteristics of the virus, including transmission, disease severity and immune escape.

The strain contains mutations named e484k and n501y, in which e484k can help the variant escape the antibody, while n501y can help the variant spread more easily.

A British study recently published in the lancet also showed that the variant did contain several mutations related to vaccine escape.

Although the number of global infection cases of Mu variant strain has been declining, and less than 0.1% of the shared sequence is this variant, we can’t relax our vigilance all over the world! Once the epidemic prevention and control is neglected, it may become the next “delta”.

Although the number of global infection cases of Mu variant strain has been declining, and less than 0.1% of the shared sequence is this variant, the infection caused by it has accounted for 39% of the total confirmed cases in Colombia; In Ecuador, this figure has also exceeded double digits, reaching 13%, and continues to rise.

Including the vast majority of states in the United States, cases of “Mu” variant infection have been found, and it has not been detected in a large number in other parts of the world.

Some scientists worry that the mutation of the virus will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to a small laboratory study, the antibody produced by Pfizer vaccine can still effectively neutralize the “Mu” variant.

However, the Italian research team noted that the neutralizing antibody titer of the vaccine against the “Mu” variant was significantly lower than in the past.

In addition, some who experts also said that Mu mutant strain may be more infectious…

Mu strain is currently included in the list of variants that need attention.

Although it is lower than the list of variants that need attention, such as delta strain found in India and beta strain found in South Africa, researchers are still evaluating its infection level.

More than 40 countries around the world are affected by the Mu variant strain, and China is also attracted.

Since the Mu variant strain was first discovered in Colombia in January this year, so far, cases of infection with the strain have occurred in the UK, the United States, Japan, Peru, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions.

With the increase of detection, I’m afraid there will only be more and more affected areas…

The epidemic in the United States continues to deteriorate.

Although delta is still the main epidemic strain in the United States, it may be immune to escaping “Mu” variant infection cases.

Except Nebraska, Vermont and South Dakota, other states in the United States have reported cases of “Mu” variant infection.

More than 2000 people have been infected with Mu strain in the United States, the largest in the world.

At present, at least 32 cases of Mu virus variant have been found in the UK, and the infection pattern shows that it is carried by travelers.

Most of these cases were concentrated in London and people around the age of 20.

Some people infected with Mu virus had received one or two doses of novel coronavirus vaccine.

67 confirmed cases of COVID-19 Mu variant have been reported in Peru.

Since the discovery of the first patient in May, the novel coronavirus variant has been found in 13 regions and Callao.

According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, two people were infected with the mutant virus during Airport Quarantine in June and July, which is the first confirmed infection in Japan.

Six people in Greece were infected with the mutant virus, two of which were detected at the entrance of the capital Athens International Airport.

South Korea also found three cases for the first time, all of which were imported from abroad.

Not only that, Mu mutant virus has also appeared in Hong Kong and Taiwan! A confirmed patient returned to Taiwan by plane from the United States.

He was asymptomatic at the time of entry on August 3 and had been vaccinated with two doses of BNT vaccine, but saliva was positive at the airport.

More and more countries and regions have been infected with Mu mutant strains for the first time.

Coupled with the proliferation and rampancy of other mutant viruses and the opening of airports in various countries, the global “road to fight the epidemic” may become more and more difficult…

03 Belgian women died after being infected with dual mutant strains.

Today, Delta, Bata, lambda and other mutant strains have spread all over the world, and now there is another one “Mu mutant strain”, if infected with multiple mutant strains at the same time, it is simply a “nightmare” It is reported that in March this year, a 90 year old woman living alone in Belgium who was not vaccinated was sent to hospital because of a fall, and her novel coronavirus test was positive: she was infected with both alpha and beta strains! At first, the woman’s blood oxygen concentration was good, but later her condition deteriorated sharply, and she died five days after admission.

A researcher from a Belgian hospital said: “These two variants were prevalent in Belgium at that time, so the lady may have contracted two different viruses from two different people.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how she contracted them.” However, it is also difficult for the authorities to determine whether the infection of the two variants of the virus is related to the rapid deterioration of the patient’s condition.

At present, there are no similar cases in mainstream medical journals, and it is still necessary to be vigilant against simultaneous infection of multiple variant strains, which may be underestimated.

Up to now, the vaccine has been proved to be effective in combating novel coronavirus infection and reducing the incidence of severe infection Important weapons, if the virus is allowed to continue to spread wantonly and evolve new variants, there may eventually be variants that can completely escape vaccine immune surveillance..