The spirit in the epidemic situation ‖ some mental patients take care of the novel coronavirus vaccination to clear the dead corner

In the face of the epidemic situation, the Chinese people worked together in the same boat, united as one, built a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control, created another heroic feat in the history of human struggle against disease, and forged the great anti epidemic spirit of life first, national unity, sacrifice one’s life and death, respect for science and common destiny.

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Meng CHANGZE, male, 55, is a member of the Communist Party of China.

He works in Lingbao agricultural and rural Bureau and serves as the webmaster of Yangping veterinary station.

Hobby literature, member of Lingbao Writers Association, several award-winning works.

Mental patients are managed    The novel coronavirus was inoculated to clear the dead corner   Meng CHANGZE   At noon on August 27, the scorching sun was like fire.

Although the summer had passed, the blazing poison of the sun was still there.

I drove out in a hurry to Jiaocun town health center.

Less than two o’clock, I came to the inpatient building of the health center.

The building was quiet.

Before the doctor went to work, I sat on the bench in the corridor on the first floor and waited patiently.

  The person I want to pick up is in the upstairs ward.

His name is Cui Wenwen.

He is 52 years old.

He is a poor household in Dazhai village, Yangping town.

He is also a mental patient.

He has been hospitalized here for nearly two years.

This afternoon I want to get him vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine and his wife Qiang Zhanfang – also suffering from mental illness.

Because of the special object, I was afraid I couldn’t finish the task in the afternoon, so I came early.

  After closing my eyes for a while, there was something moving in the corridor.

I looked at my mobile phone.

At 2:30, a doctor began to work.

I climbed to the second floor and knocked on the big iron door twice.

Someone came to open the door.

When I explained my intention, the male doctor on duty stared at me with suspicious eyes and asked, “can you take Cui Wenwen away and send it back on time?”“ Yes! ” I rushed out and replied, “Cui Wenwen knows me and listens to me very much.

Why don’t you ask him.”“ Cui Wenwen, what’s your name? ” Cui Wenwen was coming down from the third floor to the second floor.

When the doctor saw him, he asked, “my name is Meng CHANGZE.

It’s kind to me!” I looked up and said, “ho! It hasn’t changed much in half a year.

It’s white and fat, and your stomach has stood up.

It seems that you’re enjoying yourself here.

” I said hello to Cui Wenwen.

Dispelling my concerns, the doctor asked me to go in, wrote a note, pressed my fingerprints, handed Cui’s ID card, and repeatedly explained: “you must return before 5:40 dinner!”   To Yangping North Road, because the road was blocked, I drove south road.

The car ran fast on the newly paved asphalt road, and the flowers on the roadside were like brocade and clouds.

Cui Wenwen was surprised to see the neat low anvil orchard along the road, and his words were endless.

In fact, his psychotic feature is that he has a lot of words.

He can listen at first.

It’s unbearable for a little longer.

On the way, I patiently continued the conversation with him and informed the two employees of my station to wait at the gate of Yangping health center.

  As soon as the bus arrived at the gate of the hospital, Cui Wenwen shouted to my two generals: “the two sisters who sweep the yard for me, let’s meet again!”   I gave Cui Wenwen to them and asked them to line up first.

I hurried to pick up Qiang Zhanfang.

  In the afternoon, all the staff of our Yangping veterinary station were sent out, including me, Liu Furong and Hou Caiyun.

They are both female comrades in their fifties.

They are members of the Communist Party of China.

They work hard at ordinary times.

  I hurried to Dazhai village.

When I saw that the red iron door was closed inside, I was overjoyed and finally caught someone.

Shout a few times, do not listen to the response, then call his daughter who works in Shanghai and ask her daughter to call her.

After a while, the door finally opened, but people didn’t want to go.

His daughter called again to persuade him, “Mom, if you don’t get the vaccine, you won’t be allowed to go out in the future! You can’t even go to yangpingji! ” Qiang also said that his blood pressure was high.

I persuaded him: “let’s take it in the hospital and listen to the doctor.” The strong characteristic is that there are few speeches at ordinary times, and it is a little difficult to communicate without asking or even asking.

  After spending a long time talking, Qiang finally got into the car.

When I came to the hospital, I measured the blood pressure 180 / 110.

It was too high and I couldn’t play for the time being.

The doctor suggested taking antihypertensive drugs and taking a rest for an hour.

Liu Furong helped him buy antihypertensive drugs, and handed water to feed the drugs and accompany him around.

  Under the leadership of Hou Caiyun, Cui Wenwen had a smooth injection without any trouble.

He just came out and talked to me.

He kept interrupting when I answered and called several times.

He said he couldn’t control himself.

  At about five o’clock, there were fewer people in the hospital, and the hospital was quiet.

Only the roof could see the sun.

At this time, Liu Furong led Qiang Zhanfang to measure blood pressure.

This time, it was 140 / 90.

The doctor said it could be injected.

But after playing, Qiang said he was a little dizzy.

The doctor suggested drinking some water, having a rest and observing again.

At this time, I also played drums in my heart and prayed silently, hoping that everything would be safe.

On second thought, there is no need to worry too much.

The hospitalization medical expenses of poor households are almost reimbursed, and they are paid after diagnosis and treatment.

I comforted Qiang and said, “let’s stay here more.

The doctor is around and on call.

Relax your heart.”   At about six o’clock, there was no sunshine in the yard.

There were only five of us and rows of iron stools left.

Cui Wenwen wanted to talk to the daughter and son of Shanghai migrant workers.

After I dialed my mobile phone, I asked him to have a video chat.

  After about half an hour, Qiang said he was not dizzy.

We decided to go home.

I sent Qiang Zhanfang back to Dazhai first, and then went back to the South Road.

Wang Yilei, Secretary of Dazhai village, just called to inquire about the situation.

I said Qiang Zhanfang was in a special situation and hoped to come home in the evening to prevent accidents.

  When I returned to Jiao Village, it was already seven o’clock in the evening and the meal order in the hospital had passed.

I took Cui Wenwen to a restaurant to eat pickled cabbage and bean noodles, bought him a bunch of bananas, and then sent him back to the hospital.

  When I walked out of the gate of the health center, the lights on the street were on.

Looking at my mobile phone, it was 7:40 p.m.

In fact, I asked my poor households about vaccination one by one in the morning, and found out that only Cui Wenwen and his wife didn’t fight.

They are in a special situation, which is easy to be labeled “not suitable for vaccination” and become a dead corner of vaccination.

With the help of three people in my station for an afternoon, we completed the first vaccination and cleaned up this dead corner.

We are very pleased.

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