[Topic] can we exercise after the novel coronavirus vaccine?

        Imagine: you have just been vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, second doses or only one dose, and feel more motivated to exercise to improve your health.

So you put on your sportswear and get ready to exercise.

However, should we exercise after vaccination or after a few days off? The short answer is: in most cases, exercise after vaccination is OK, as long as you feel good enough.

However, some common vaccine side effects may affect exercise plans, so it is best to understand them to avoid risks as much as possible.

01 what are the common side effects of the novel coronavirus vaccine?     According to the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the common side effects of the vaccine include pain and swelling in the arm on the injection side, as well as fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea.

These side effects usually begin within a day or two of vaccination.

They may affect your ability to complete daily activities, including exercise.

But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

These common side effects ultimately indicate that your immune system is responding to the vaccine.

Fortunately, side effects usually disappear within a few days, which means that they are unlikely to seriously affect daily life.

    Although these common side effects may be very annoying and uncomfortable, they are very mild compared with those caused by COVID-19 pneumonia, and can be ignored.

Everyone has a different response to the vaccine.

In general, young adults (people under the age of 55) have more frequent side effects because their immune system often responds more strongly to the vaccine than the elderly.

02 can you exercise after vaccination?     Virologists believe that there is no risk of exercise after vaccination, even if there are some uncomfortable side effects, such as muscle pain or low fever.

The only drawback to exercise after COVID-19 vaccination is that some side effects may reduce the quality of exercise and make the whole process less enjoyable.

There is no evidence that exercise before or immediately after vaccination will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    A rule of thumb is to listen to your body.

If you don’t feel good enough after vaccination and don’t have the strength to exercise, take a day off.

Although it’s a pity to miss one day’s exercise, forcing exercise when you feel bad will be counterproductive.

Barely exercising can’t achieve optimal performance.

    Depending on the type and intensity of side effects, you can choose to do the low difficulty or simplified version of your usual exercise.

For example, if the arm is painful but the rest of the body feels good, you can adjust the systemic strength exercise program to exercise only the legs and core muscles.

Or, if you feel a little sleepy but still want to exercise, go a long way instead of typical high-intensity interval training.

    You may want to reduce the intensity of vaccine side effects by taking ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin or antihistamines, but consult your doctor before taking them.

If you feel better after taking these drugs, exercise moderately.

If there are no side effects, exercise freely as usual.

If you can tolerate side effects, you can also take moderate exercise.

    On the other hand, if you have debilitating side effects (such as high fever or extreme fatigue, muscle pain or chills) or serious allergic reactions (although extremely rare) after vaccination, please see a doctor immediately.

If you still have redness, swelling or increased pain at the injection site 24 hours after vaccination, or the side effects do not disappear after a few days, you should also see a doctor.

    If you have a high or low fever after vaccination, accompanied by cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, you should consult a doctor.

These may be novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms.

Although vaccination does not cause you to contract the virus, it is very likely that you have contracted the disease when vaccinated.

In this case, you should immediately suspend your exercise and get the test and treatment as soon as possible.

03 how to plan exercise during vaccination?      Since there is no way to know exactly how your body reacts to the novel coronavirus vaccine, it is best not to make any specific exercise plan on the day of vaccination or one or two days after vaccination, such as signing up for a non refundable fitness course or promising to take online courses with your best friends.

It is wisest to act according to circumstances.

     In addition, it should be reminded that good immune effect can be produced only two weeks after vaccination.

Therefore, if you exercise in public during this period, you should wear a mask and keep a social distance, and wash your hands thoroughly after exercise.

Even if all vaccines are vaccinated, in most cases, basic public health precautions should be observed, such as wearing masks, keeping social distance and paying attention to hand hygiene, until the epidemic is completely over or the group immune barrier is fully established.

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