Xi Xing Street carries out COVID-19 nucleic acid detection practice drill

To forenoon the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work requirements, and strengthen the prevention and control of street preparedness, the morning of August 31st morning, the Xiling Street Community Plaza in Xi Xing Street organized the COVID-19 nucleic acid detection exercise.

The three street leaders, the Department’s dry department, the community staff and some residents of Xiling community participated in the drill.

District COVID-19 prevention and control office, social development bureau leaders to the scene guidance.

In this drill, there are two nucleic acid detection units, five blocks of entrance, temperature measurement code, information registration, sampling and exit are set from the outside to the inside, and warning lines, signs, one meter lines and other guidance signs are equipped to refine the regional division of labor, guide the participants to flow in one direction according to the process, and ensure that the personnel do not cross in the whole process.

The staff of each post shall strengthen personnel guidance and gradually get familiar with the operation process specification.

  The on-site drill was orderly.

The participants entered the site in turn under the guidance of the staff, strictly implemented the “1m line” interval requirements, lined up in order, completed the processes of temperature measurement code, information registration, throat swab collection, and left the site through the designated channel“ I heard that the drill began at 8:30.

I came to line up early in the morning.

I thought it would be slow if there were so many people.

As a result, there were staff at the scene to help guide and distribute mineral water.

I finished it in a few minutes from queuing to sampling.

” Most of the participants involved in the COVID-19 nucleic acid testing practice were nearby residents and the staff of the neighborhood and community offices.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work is being done to help the streets and communities become familiar with the whole process of COVID-19 nucleic acid detection in large scale, and find a short working environment to improve the nucleic acid detection program for large scale population in the streets.

Enhance novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic response, emergency response, organization and coordination, sampling and testing capabilities, to ensure that scientific and standardized, rapid and orderly large-scale population nucleic acid testing, so that the epidemic prevention and control measures “run before the virus”, to prevent the spread of the epidemic to spread the spread of time to win valuable time.

After the drill, Xu Jiangang, Secretary of the street party working committee, commented on the drill and put forward requirements: all lines and communities should further sort out and improve the nucleic acid detection work plan of all staff and reserve personnel and materials based on the drill.

Zhou Xiang, deputy secretary of the neighborhood Party Working Committee and director of the office, analyzed the problems found in the drill and put forward improvement suggestions.

The samples collected this time will be sent to a third-party testing company for inspection through the cold chain.

The query method of inspection results is shown in the figure below ~ source: Published by Xixing..