Xiancheng information – Fengxian novel coronavirus vaccine for people aged 12-14 starts today! Teachers and volunteers love to hug the warm

Today is the first weekend after the beginning of the new semester.

The city has also ushered in a small peak of Xinguan vaccination with junior middle school students as the main body.

Through the unified organization of the school, Fengxian District started at the same time at the District Sports Center and Fengcheng adult school.

With the cooperation of multiple departments, the scene was in order“ It’s okay.

Take a deep breath.

Don’t look at the needle.

Close your eyes.

Okay, okay.

” At 9 a.m., at the vaccination point of the District Sports Center, a junior high school student began to get a little excited as soon as he sat on the vaccination seat.

Because I was afraid of injections since childhood, I communicated with the nurse after sitting down.

I didn’t want to be vaccinated, and tears fell on the scene.

At this time, Zhang Qin, a volunteer teacher, also noticed the scene.

He immediately went to the little boy and gave him a warm hug while comforting him with words.

The little boy’s head also leaned against Zhang Qin’s arm.

With the comfort of the nurse and Zhang Qin, he finally successfully completed the vaccination.

After the vaccination, the boy finally got out of the injection panic.

Zhang Qin also sent him to the observation area to rest“ It’s easier for us to communicate with students.

Giving him a hug is also giving him strength.

” Zhang Qin from Nanqiao middle school said.

At the scene, a total of 70 teachers from junior middle schools put on green waistcoats and formed a volunteer team.

They came to the entrance, pre inspection, diversion and observation of the vaccination point in batches to give full play to the teachers’ expertise and strengthen communication with the children, which also reassured many children.

Whether the injection hurts or not is known only after injection.

As soon as Wang Zicheng from Huixian middle school sat down, he covered his eyes and was ready.

When the nurse reminded him that it was over, the sunshine boy smiled: “ah! So fast, it doesn’t hurt at all.

”   Once vaccinated, there will be more barriers to deal with COVID-19.

At the scene, many middle school students were also full of expectations for the vaccination on that day“ Before, I saw that my parents and senior brothers and sisters had been vaccinated, and I always expected middle school students to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

”   Chen language, a second grade student, said.

It is reported that under the unified organization of the school, the students have prepared the informed consent form and other relevant materials in advance before taking the bus, printed the vaccination code and optimized the on-site vaccination process.

After the on-site vaccination, the school will also pay a return visit to the vaccinated students for three consecutive days through the head teacher.

On the same day, at Fengxian sports center and Fengcheng adult school, Fengxian District is expected to complete about 6500 novel coronavirus vaccination for students aged 12-14, and 13000 people are expected to be completed in two days this weekend.

Fengxian District 12-14 year old student COVID-19 vaccination schedule schedule to the school according to the number of batches of the group to report the time of inoculation site address, the District Sports Center, South Bridge Town, South Hua Road, No.

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