A letter on COVID-19’s prevention and control to all teachers and students and parents

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a letter from COVID-19 to all teachers and students, parents and friends, recently appeared in Putian Xianyou and Quangang mountain area.

Now Putian is 1 places in high-risk areas and 4 places are in the middle risk area.

The epidemic risk is around us, and the prevention and control work must not be lax.

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, reduce the risk of epidemic input and transmission, further do a good job in campus epidemic prevention, and ensure the life safety and health of all teachers, students and employees, according to the deployment of epidemic prevention and control at the higher level and in combination with the actual situation of our university, the relevant epidemic prevention and control matters are notified as follows: 01   1.

All teachers and students are requested to cooperate with the school’s prevention and control functional group to timely submit the health code, communication big data information card and other information of themselves and co residents, and cooperate with the school to do a good job in the travel track and health monitoring of teaching staff and co residents.


Teachers, students, parents and friends are invited to actively cooperate with the prevention and control requirements of superior departments.

Since August 25 (inclusive), those who have residence history and travel history in high and medium risk areas in Putian City or have intersection with the itinerary of reported cases should take the initiative to report to their communities (villages) and schools, not return to school temporarily, and actively cooperate with the local government to implement health management measures such as medical observation and nucleic acid detection.


Personnel entering (returning to) the spring in high-risk areas shall strictly implement centralized medical observation for 14 days; Health management measures such as home-based medical observation for 14 days and nucleic acid detection for 2 times shall be implemented for people entering (returning) spring in medium risk areas.

For the personnel entering the spring in other low-risk areas in the prefecture level cities where the high and medium risk areas are located, if they do not hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days before arrival, they shall carry out nucleic acid test as required, and cooperate with 14 day health monitoring and two nucleic acid tests (one at the beginning and one before the end of monitoring) as required to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control.

02 upgrade campus management and control 1.

The campus implements closed management.

Irrelevant personnel outside the school are not allowed to enter the school.

Parents are not allowed to visit the school unnecessarily.

Strictly implement the “three code joint check” (i.e.

check the health code, travel code and vaccination mark), temperature measurement, registration, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures.


All teachers and students who enter the school can enter the school only after the temperature measurement shows no abnormality.

Those with suspected symptoms such as abnormal temperature and cough cannot enter the school.

They can return to the school and resume classes only after their health returns to normal.


During normal school, parents are requested to implement the temperature measurement system at home before students go out in the morning.

If students are found to have fever symptoms, they are not allowed to go to school, consciously isolate at home and inform the head teacher at the first time.

All head teachers are requested to do a good job in daily morning and afternoon check-up, temperature detection and health reporting, implement morning, afternoon and evening check-up and absence registration due to illness, and report any abnormalities in time.


All students should wear masks on their way to and from school and do not take public transport other than school bus.

Don’t stop halfway, don’t have close contact and communication with others, play in places where there are not many people, and remember the stop track on the way to and from school.


From now on, the school implements a 24-hour duty system, and relevant teaching staff are requested to strictly implement various prevention and control work.

03 improve personnel control 1.

From now on, all teachers, students, employees and co residents are not allowed to go to key epidemic areas, especially medium and high-risk areas.

If it is really necessary to leave the spring, it must be submitted for approval in strict accordance with the approval procedures to reduce unnecessary travel and do not leave the spring if it is not necessary.


All teachers and students shall strictly urge their families and co residents not to participate in wedding and funeral banquets and other gathering activities with more than 10 people.


All teachers and students, parents and friends should enhance their personal protection awareness, adhere to good living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, regular ventilation and maintaining a safe social distance.

In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the designated fever clinic for investigation and diagnosis and treatment in time.

Wear disposable medical masks and masks above during medical treatment, and try to avoid taking public transport.

The risk of epidemic spread should not be ignored, and the prevention and control of epidemic situation should not be relaxed at all times! It is hoped that all teachers, students, parents and friends will actively cooperate with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, work together to overcome difficulties, comprehensively do a good job in epidemic prevention and resistance, and jointly build a campus security defense line! Yangxi Central Primary School, Longhu Town, Jinjiang City, September 13, 2021..