A novel coronavirus for health prevention of Taijiquan

The new pneumonia epidemic has swept all over the country.

In order to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, experts call on everyone not to go to crowded places as far as possible, stay at home and consciously isolate, which is a contribution to the society.

  In response to the call to fight the epidemic and fill the house time, we specially record the traditional Yang’s Taijiquan for everyone to enhance immunity.

Let’s work together for epidemic prevention and fitness.

Between square inches, how to exercise? As a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, Taijiquan is the treasure of Oriental culture.

It shows the creativity of Chinese traditional culture and has the unique value of witnessing the living traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

It has become an important bridge and link for China’s foreign cultural exchange.

At the annual meeting of UNESCO Convention for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, Taijiquan was voted to be included in the list of representative works of human intangible cultural heritage.

Having health does not mean having everything, but without health, almost everything is lost.

24 hours a day, please leave yourself 1-2 hours for health preservation.

Stick to it every day and benefit all your life.

Exercise is not equal to health preservation.

Tai Chi can achieve the maximum health preservation effect with the least amount of exercise.

You might as well try it.

Move every day! Practice every day! Get up every day! Hebei refueling!! Go China!! Taijiquan follows the concept of the unity of opposites between yin and Yang, and makes the body have an all-round effect of strengthening the body in the contradictory movement through the body changes up and down, left and right, front and back.

The core of Taijiquan is to cultivate the internal and external foundation and cultivate the yuan.

The core skill is a combination of Taijiquan as the main body and the techniques of guiding and breathing, preventing attack and piling.

Using the symmetrical practice of Taijiquan movements, combined with ups and downs and looking forward and backward, through the bending, opening, closing and folding of hands and feet, the circulation of blood vessels and meridians in all parts of the body is unimpeded, so as to promote the health of the internal circulation of the body.

The combination of form and meaning and deficiency and reality enables the heart to reduce the burden brought by exercise, and lead Qi and blood to flow smoothly around the body through the arc spiral movement.

We now offer excellent courses and core skills of traditional Yang’s Taijiquan.

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