Announcement of novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center in Nanyang

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia command of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters in Nanyang has announced the announcement of the new prevention and control measures for the novel coronavirus pneumonia (No.

thirteenth) to further and accurately implement the epidemic prevention and control.

According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, combined with the reality of our city, the new prevention and control measures for the novel coronavirus pneumonia in the city have been adjusted.

It is hereby announced as follows: I.

epidemic prevention and control checkpoints such as expressway intersections, national roads, provincial roads, communities (villages) and residential areas in the city shall be removed, and roadblocks shall be cleared in time to ensure smooth traffic.

We will continue to retain epidemic prevention and control checkpoints such as railway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports and bus stations.

Local governments will take the lead and business entities and relevant industry departments will be responsible for taking protective measures such as temperature measurement, checking trip codes, health codes and wearing masks.

If the health code is found to be red or yellow, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters under the jurisdiction shall transfer it in a closed loop, and implement control measures in accordance with the rules of health code assignment in Henan Province.

2、 All communities (villages) and units within the city continue to implement normalized prevention and control measures.

Especially for external personnel, strengthen registration, temperature measurement, check travel code and health code, and take control measures in time in case of abnormalities.

3、 In principle, personnel in medium and high risk areas are not allowed to enter wanwan.

If they need to enter wanwan, they shall report to their communities (villages) and units 24 hours in advance, and the epidemic prevention and control headquarters at the destination shall transfer them to the centralized isolation point in a closed loop.

The “14 day centralized isolation + 7-day home health monitoring” shall be implemented.

If the body temperature, health code and travel code of personnel entering (returning) Wan in low-risk areas are normal, they can pass normally.

If the health code of the personnel who have entered (returned) to Lithuania is red code or yellow code, the control measures shall be implemented in accordance with the provincial health code assignment rules.

4、 All kinds of public places and business places are operated in an orderly and open manner.

All occupation and novel coronavirus pneumonia officers and workers should strictly implement the relevant guidelines of “guidelines for wearing public masks and key occupational groups”, “key sites, key units, key crowds, novel coronaviruss, pneumonia prevention and control of epidemic situation related guidelines” (August 2021 Edition).

Theaters, bars, KTVs, Internet cafes, gyms, chess and card rooms, libraries, museums, scenic spots and other places shall implement reservation, peak staggering and flow restriction measures.

If the health code of personnel entering and leaving public places is found to be abnormal, the business entity shall report to the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters at the first time and implement control measures in time.

Relevant industry departments and territories shall strengthen guidance and supervision in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

5、 All kinds of medical institutions should continue to strengthen the prevention and control of nosocomial infection, and strictly implement the pre inspection and triage and first diagnosis responsibility system, as well as the epidemic prevention and control requirements such as visiting and accompanying; Pharmacies resumed the sale of antipyretic drugs and implemented the real name registration system for the sale of drugs such as fever, cough, antiviral and antibiotics.

6、 Continue to strengthen the prevention and control of cold chain logistics and international mail epidemic in Lithuania.

All imported cold chain foods directly imported from the port or purchased outside the province, as well as domestic cold chain foods from medium and high-risk areas in the city, shall first enter the Nanyang general warehouse for disinfection and nucleic acid detection, and can only be out of the warehouse for circulation or use after being coded and warehoused through the “Henan cold chain” system.

International mail entering Wan shall comply with the provisions of the provincial postal administration department on the general warehouse management and epidemic prevention.

7、 The general public should strengthen personal hygiene and protection, and consciously wear masks.