Appointment process and vaccination notice of Xinguan vaccine in Huaqingyuan community health service station

   The vaccination time of Xinguan vaccine at Huaqingyuan community health service station is: from 2:00 p.m.

on September 10, Beijing biology (the first dose and the second dose) arrive at the vaccine.

Tel: 82532025, the number has been issued.

Please pay attention to the “Xi’an citizen health” applet to make an online appointment.

When you come, be sure to bring the original personal ID card and the QR code of successful appointment.

The appointment process is as follows: enter the appointment process of personal novel coronavirus vaccine – fill in the health status questionnaire, letter of commitment Informed consent – confirmation of submission – automatic generation of QR code – vaccination according to the appointment time.

Important notice: 1.

Be sure to bring the original ID card.


After the novel coronavirus vaccine is vaccinated, be sure to stay for 30 minutes and watch at window 3.