Attention | in New China, citizens can get the novel coronavirus vaccine in Singapore free of charge!

Recently, the Singapore government announced that it would expand the national free vaccination program to short-term certificate holders, including foreigners holding training and employment permits (TEPS), training and work permits (twp), work leave permits (WHP) and special passes.

Eligible people can go to the vaccination center for vaccination without making an appointment.

In addition, holders of short-term access documents (STVP) who stay in Singapore for more than 60 days can make an appointment for vaccination after receiving an invitation message sent by the Ministry of health of Singapore.

If eligible short-term visitors have not received the SMS from the Ministry of health, they can apply to the Ministry of health of Singapore at

The above vaccination is free.

In order to protect the health of you and the people around you, the embassy encourages citizens in New China, especially qualified short-term visitors, to actively participate in the local vaccination plan in combination with their own conditions, and pay attention to the following matters: (1) keep the telephone unblocked.

If you do not receive a short message notice, you should timely report to the Ministry of health and other departments of Singapore for update.

(2) After receiving the vaccination SMS notice, carefully read the precautions, carefully evaluate their own situation, complete the appointment as soon as possible within the validity period of the notice, and go to the designated place for vaccination on time at the specified time.

(3) Respect the opinions of Singaporean professionals.

In case of severe allergy, chronic disease, pregnancy, etc., explain to the health officer before vaccination, follow the doctor’s advice and comply with the relevant regulations of the health department.

(4) After vaccination, please pay close attention to your physical condition.

In case of adverse reactions, please see a doctor in time.

(5) Please keep the vaccination certificate properly.

If you meet the conditions, please apply for the verifiable vaccination certificate with QR code in time.

(6) After vaccination, do not be careless.

Please continue to do a good job in personal protection to avoid infection after vaccination.

Adhere to “non essential, non emergency, no travel”.

If you really need to go to China, please apply for a health code as required, and obey entry inspection, isolation observation and other epidemic prevention measures.

If you encounter problems during vaccination, you can call 18003339999 and ask the Ministry of health of Singapore for help.

  Emergency telephone number for consular protection and assistance of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore: + 65-64750165 (24 hours), + 65-81296456 (special line for consular protection during the epidemic, 08:30-12:00 a.m.

and 14:30-17:00 p.m.

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and 14:00-17:00 p.m.

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