Ayase Yao infected Xinguan hospital

On August 31, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun quoted the office of the famous Japanese actress Ayase Yao as saying that the 36 year old Ayase Yao tested positive for Xinguan on August 26 and is currently in hospital.

Before that, she had tested negative three times.

The announcement said that Ayase Yao had a slight fever on August 20, and tested that night, and the result was negative.

On the 21st, as a precaution, she went to a clinic in Tokyo for testing, and the result was negative again.

After that, the symptoms were relieved, but still had a fever, so a third test was carried out, and the result was still negative.

Until August 26, when ayaseto tested again, the result was positive.

After that, Ayase first chose home treatment, but she developed symptoms of pneumonia and was eventually forced to be hospitalized in Tokyo.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now known as Haruka Ayase, according to the Newspostseven, quoted by Japanese entertainment magazine.

“At first, his chest X-ray showed a white shadow on his lungs and it was difficult to breathe, which was once very worrying, but fortunately, he has begun to stabilize and I heard that he will be discharged this week.” in addition, Ayase Yao has no disease history, but he has not been vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine, because according to the original plan, his first injection also needs to wait until September.

In November 2018, ayaseto participated in the aircraft display activity of an airline company in Japan.

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