Ayase Yao was hospitalized with Xinguan infection, and netizens were furious

►   Zhang Zhaodong, a female star of Wen observer network, was hospitalized as soon as she was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, but ordinary people can only recuperate at home and “wait to die”? The novel coronavirus pneumonia was rushed to hospital after the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan recently.

In sharp contrast, many Japanese people were forced to recuperate at home, and death cases occurred from time to time due to the deterioration of their condition; There were even severe patients with dyspnea who asked for help late at night, but were rejected by nearly 100 medical institutions.

The huge inequality has aroused the anger of many Japanese people.

Many people targeted Ayase Yao and angrily criticized him: “first-class citizens give priority to hospital treatment, and ordinary people can’t live in hospital if they want.” “celebrities can be hospitalized as expected.

It’s really unfair.” others said that Ayase Yao is innocent.

What should be condemned is the Japanese government and the unequal medical reality.

According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun on August 31, citing the announcement of the office of the famous Japanese actress Ayase Yao, the 36 year old Ayase Yao tested positive for Xinguan on August 26 and is currently hospitalized.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in August 26th by Haruka Ayase.

Previously, she had a slight fever and had three tests, all of which were negative.

After the diagnosis on the 26th, Ayase first chose home convalescence, but his condition became more and more serious and was finally forced to be hospitalized in Tokyo.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed as a novel coronavirus pneumonia after admission to the hospital, Newspostseven reported in Japanese entertainment magazine “Newspostseven”.

“Chest X light was initially white and breathing was difficult.

It was very worrying, but fortunately it has begun to stabilize.

I heard that this week will be discharged.” the report of Haruka Ayase’s diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia hospitalization has caused great controversy in the Japanese network.

In the comment area of relevant news reports on Yahoo! Website, a comment with praise for nearly 215000 Times wrote: “sure enough, she can be hospitalized.” this emotion has aroused the resonance of many Japanese Internet users.

Many people can’t suppress their anger and cry out for injustice.

“Why can stars stay in hospital? There should be many people who want to stay in hospital but can only endure pain alone.” “it’s unfair for stars to stay in hospital.

Compared with ordinary people, health care centers give priority to female stars who can make more money.

We ordinary people have been abandoned.” “Celebrities and high-class citizens can act arbitrarily because they can give priority to treatment.” “in Tokyo, even people with moderate symptoms have to recuperate at home.

Star artists can be hospitalized immediately if they have the same moderate symptoms.” some others say Ayase is innocent.

They point the spearhead at the unequal medical reality of the Japanese government and Japan.

“Although ayaseto is innocent, I can feel the gap between those who can be hospitalized and those who cannot be hospitalized.

Can’t the state prepare facilities such as field hospitals to accommodate those who need hospitalization?” “anyway, this is the reality of (Japan) medical treatment…

It’s not ayaseto’s fault.

In this world, everything depends on money.” “Japan is as polarized as the United States.

It’s not Ayase’s fault.

It’s the fault of the law that inferior citizens pay a lot of medical insurance but can’t go to the hospital.” “Why is it on the news until now? Pregnant women who died at home and young men in their 20s living alone also want to be hospitalized.

Compared with Ayase Yao, I know more about medical inequality this time.” according to the previous report, affected by the “fifth wave” The impact of the epidemic situation, Japan since the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the number of newly diagnosed people in the country has risen all the way, the medical supply system is urgent, and the medical system is close to collapse.

According to the analysis of the expert organization studying the novel coronavirus Countermeasures in Japan, the current situation of Japan’s medical front line is “close to the disaster situation.” In order to relieve the pressure on the medical system, all parts of Japan have tightened the hospitalization standards for novel coronavirus patients: except for special cases, severe patients and severe high-risk patients, “novel coronavirus patients who have ‘hope of recovery’ after receiving medical measures such as oxygen inhalation and infusion” need home recuperation.

With the implementation of this policy, the number of home recuperation patients in all parts of Japan has increased sharply.

Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) On August 28, the daily reported that as of August 25, the number of people recuperating at home after the diagnosis of novel coronavirus in Japan was more than 118000, exceeding 100000 for the first time, the largest in history.

This data is more than six times the number of people recuperating at home a month ago.

Figure source: the number of people recuperating at home in NHK increased sharply, and there are more and more cases of death caused by the rapid deterioration of illness during recuperation, as mentioned by the above-mentioned Japanese netizens “Pregnant women who died at home” and “young men in their 20s living alone” are typical cases of death in home convalescence.

Japanese media Yomiuri Shimbun On August 19th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in a more than 30 year old pregnant woman in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Although it had symptoms of fever and cough, it was mild and could only be home recuperated.

On the morning of 17, the pregnant woman had abdominal swelling and bleeding.

After the Chiba health care Institute confirmed its situation, the medical structure was entrusted to receive patients in the area, but the reply was “can not receive”.

In desperation, the pregnant woman had to give birth at home.

At 5:15 p.m.

that day, the newborn was born, but soon died of hypothermia.

The screenshot of the report was also in Chiba county.

A man in his 20s had a fever of 40 degrees in mid August.

After the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus on August 17, the doctor believed that the man’s overall condition had not deteriorated significantly and did not suffer from basic diseases, so he was determined to live in Chiba county Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported on the second day (August 18th).

The death of the man was reported to be novel coronavirus pneumonia.

A video clip was triggered by a netizen’s attention in China and Japan.

A Japanese home sickness patient in the video was deteriorated but was repeatedly rejected by the hospital.

“There are too many patients to be hospitalized.

I’m afraid there are many patients who have no place to go like this…” the patient’s family asked, “what else can we do?” the doctor replied: “there’s no way.” Japanese TBS television reported on August 2 that a man in his 50s in Tokyo, Japan, asked medical institutions for help late at night, saying he was infected with Xinguan and was in a state of dyspnea.

After receiving the report, the emergency team took the patient to the hospital, but about 100 medical institutions called him “incomplete facilities” It was not until eight hours in the early morning of the next day that the patient was admitted to a hospital about 50 kilometers away from home.

It is worth mentioning that Japan’s “top citizens” such as ayaseto It is not the first time that people were hospitalized immediately after the diagnosis.

On August 19, Japanese deputy chief cabinet secretary Kazuo Sugata was hospitalized quickly after a fever.

This news aroused strong criticism from the Japanese people.

Some Japanese media described the angry voice of Japanese Internet users as “spewing out” Novel coronavirus pneumonia.

However, Sugita reported that he was 80 years old.

He had have a fever and poor health for a week before hospitalization.

But his nucleic acid test results were negative.

He was hospitalized on 19 days for detailed diagnosis.

According to the latest data of Japan’s Ministry of health and labour, the total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases was 1507223 in, and 20031 cases were added yesterday.

The cumulative death rate was 1612.

3 people, 82 new deaths.

Screenshot from the official website of Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare source | observer website..