be vigilant! Canadian 11 year old girl infected with novel coronavirus: asthma + joint pain, mental regression!

Previously, experts have been saying that children infected with covid-19 will have mild symptoms, and returning to school poses little threat to children’s health.

But is this really the case? Let’s take a look at the latest statements of experts! The reality may surprise you.


Anu wadhwa, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the sick children’s Hospital in Toronto, has been treating and studying children with covid-19.

She confirmed with the real-world situation that covid-19 virus may cause long-term illness and retrogression of intellectual development in children for several months.

Photo source: Dr.

wadhwa of the sick children’s Hospital said: “most of the children I follow have very mild diseases and will recover as scheduled.

However, some children are not so.

They either have persistent symptoms or their symptoms get worse after a day or two.” “Therefore, even if the infection is mild, children will have very obvious and persistent symptoms, which seems to be a very typical situation.” these symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and the most difficult to treat “brain fog”.

A girl treated by Dr.

wadhwa, in “brain fog” Under symptoms, it takes two more hours to complete school homework every night.

The situation will also get worse for children, published in the lancet children and adolescent health in August A study on tracked more than 1700 children who tested positive for covid-19 in the UK.

Nearly 2% of them had symptoms lasting more than 56 days.

Although this sounds like a small proportion, Dr.

wadhwa pointed out that if many children are infected, more children will be affected by covid-19 for a long time (commonly known as “novel coronavirus sequelae” in Chinese) So far, more than 280000 of the 1.5 million infected people in Canada are under the age of 19.

Alyssa, the 11-year-old daughter of Cathy Smyth, a resident of orange Ville, Ontario, is also among them.

Smyth said that when the whole family was infected with covid-19 in October 2020, Alyssa did not seem to have been significantly affected at first.

On the left is Alyssa, and on the right is her mother.

Source: cbcsmyth said: “Alyssa was infected with covid-19 for an average time.

She coughed and had a very serious sore throat.

On the ninth day after the symptoms appeared, she climbed into my room and I saw that her hands, feet and face were swollen.” Smyth immediately contacted the local public health department and was told to take Alyssa to the local emergency room.

“The medical staff did a lot of blood tests.

They told us to observe her and give her Benadryl.

After about five days, Alyssa’s swelling subsided and she could put on her shoes again.” however, this was only the beginning of Alyssa’s long-term covid symptoms.

Smyth said: “About 3-4 weeks later, her daughter Alyssa had a big problem with asthma.

After many chest X-rays, the doctor warned that Alyssa’s symptoms might persist.” Alyssa source: cbcalyssa is not used to being dragged down by asthma.

As a competitive swimmer who once ranked 50 among girls under the age of 13 in Ontario, she is still suffering from joint pain in the swimming pool.

Alyssa said: “I have to rest because I hurt my knee.

But my shoulder hurts, and I can’t do anything now.” Alyssa used to swim in the backyard.

Source: cbcsmyth said that although online learning is challenging for any child, it is more difficult for Alyssa because it is difficult for her to keep her attention and remember the learning content.

Not only that, all Alyssa’s family still suffer from insomnia.

At the beginning, they were infected with covid-19.

Smyth himself is a long-distance transportation worker and still lives in the hospital However, there were symptoms, and her husband Sean’s covid-19 symptoms ended in a short time.

Because she and Sean participated in a long-term covid study in Toronto General Hospital and Toronto West Hospital, they heard that they would be referred to a new long-term covid clinic in the sick children’s hospital.

It was here that they met Dr.


Alyssa was officially diagnosed with long-term covid Dr.

wadhwa said, “Alyssa has slowly improved, which is encouraging.

Over time, she may stabilize.” “can we find a way to let children get rid of these symptoms faster and make the life of the whole family less difficult? I think this is our current goal.” Dr.

wadhwa said that a large part of helping children with chronic covid infection includes providing guarantees for them and their parents.

“Although it is not clear what caused some covid patients to develop into long-term cases, we do know that according to what we read in the literature and what we see in children, they are developing in a good direction.” At present, Alyssa has made great improvements in the past few months.

After various supplementary treatments, including physiotherapy for her lungs, her mother Smyth said that after infection with covid-19, physiotherapists described her daughter’s lungs as “like concrete”.

As she returned to school in the autumn, Smyth urged other parents not to underestimate the risk of covid-19.

“We took it seriously, but we got it.” reference reading: