Cinemas of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control guidelines

come   Source: Health Education in China   Compilation|   Gao Xuejun     Row    Edition|   Shi Lei      sign    hair  |  Lu Jianhua     Examine   nucleus  | Zeng Tao      main   do  |  Guizhou health and health financial media center reviewed in the past that it did not advocate gathering during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, and resolutely put an Shihai away from binding the two yard joint inspection and compulsory vaccination to carry out on-site technical guidance for occupational disease prevention and control in Qingzhen City, implemented the “four highlights and one innovation” and played a “combined fist” for Health Science Popularization — the provincial people’s hospital carried out in-depth “100 experts to disseminate health science popularization knowledge” A series of activities promote and implement “I do practical things for the masses” tell a good story of party history and strive to be a health Guardian issue 111: how to understand that comprehensively deepening reform has direction, position and principle? I think it’s good.

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