Do you want to have a booster injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine?

Do you want to have a booster injection of the novel coronavirus vaccine? Recently, the booster injection of novel coronavirus vaccine has attracted more and more attention.

As of September 6th, the national total reported 2 billion 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine 13 million 83 thousand times, the number of people who completed the whole process of vaccination was 969 million 720 thousand.

Many of them have been vaccinated for more than six months.

Should I have a booster injection half a year after vaccination? Who called? At the press conferences held by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council in Beijing on August 27 and September 7, the relevant information on the booster injection of Xinguan vaccine was introduced.

Why is it proposed to vaccinate the novel coronavirus vaccine? Vaccination with Xinguan vaccine booster needle can improve the protective effect.

The research results on inactivated vaccine booster needle carried out by Sinopharm and Beijing Kexing found that, like conventional vaccines, the antibodies of the two vaccines decreased to varying degrees six months after vaccination.

However, after the third dose of vaccination in 6 months, it was found that: first, booster vaccination is very safe, which is similar to the safety data of their first dose and second dose; 2、 After the third dose, the antibody level of the recipient increased rapidly, began to rise after 3 days, and rose to a higher level after 7 days.

By 14 days, it was about 10-30 times the original level; 3、 After another 6 months of retest, the antibody of the population inoculated with booster needle still decreased, but the low point also exceeded the peak of two doses of vaccination.

Therefore, from the perspective of immunogenicity, vaccination with novel coronavirus vaccine booster needle can improve the protective effect.

Who is recommended to be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine? Experts suggested that some high-risk people could be vaccinated.

The special vaccine R & D class organized an expert demonstration meeting on August 2.

After listening to the safety and immunogenicity data of enhanced immunization six months after two doses of inactivated vaccine reported by Sinopharm Zhongsheng and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei, Based on the above scientific data, suggestions on strengthening immunization with primary inactivated vaccine for key populations are made.

Experts believe that at present, the focus of epidemic prevention and control in China is external defense input.

It is suggested that the following groups of people can carry out enhanced vaccination six months after completing the immunization procedure: first, input high-risk people, such as staff of customs, border inspection, aviation, isolation points, designated medical institutions and so on; 2、 People who go abroad to areas or countries with high epidemic risk due to work, study and communication; 3、 People with relatively low immune function and people over 60 years old have less immune effect than those aged 18-59 years old.

The risk of severe, critical illness and death after infection is higher than that of other people.

However, whether to strengthen immunization for the whole population six months after vaccination at this stage remains to be further studied, and a comprehensive study and judgment should be made according to the situation of the epidemic situation.

In addition to the inactivated vaccine, the novel coronavirus vaccine of other technical routes in China has also carried out research on strengthening immunization.

After the R & D unit obtains sufficient scientific data, the expert group will also carry out relevant demonstration work.

The official has not informed that it is a serious scientific issue to carry out vaccination and booster immunization, and the implementation of booster immunization must also comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

At present, the official has not notified to carry out the booster injection of novel coronavirus vaccine, and the vaccination work shall be subject to the official notice…