Domestic newcrown vaccine has played an important role in global anti epidemic


Epidemic situation briefing in China and abroad   China’s epidemic situation: as of September 6th, the total number of reports of COVID-19 vaccination was reported 2 billion 113 million 83 thousand times throughout the country, and the number of COVID-19 vaccination was over 969 million.

There were 36 newly confirmed cases, all of which were imported from abroad, including 3 cases from asymptomatic infection to confirmed cases.

International epidemic report: novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed more than 39 million 500 thousand cases in the United States, and the death toll rose to 643 thousand, according to US media.

This means that 1 out of every 8 Americans are infected with COVID-19, and 1 of every 510 Americans die from COVID-19.

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Domestic newcrown vaccine has played an important role in global anti epidemic   On June 6, the State Information Office held a press conference.

When introducing the important role of domestic novel coronavirus vaccine in the global anti epidemic, the State Food and Drug Administration said that the State Administration implemented research and review linkage, rolling review and approval, and accelerated the R & D and listing of novel coronavirus vaccine.

24 novel coronavirus vaccines have been approved for clinical trials, of which 4 have been approved for conditional listing.

At the same time, China has actively participated in international cooperation.

At present, two novel coronavirus vaccines have been included in the WHO emergency use list.

Create conditions for China’s vaccine to become a world public product.

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Every novel coronavirus vaccine vaccinated by the people is qualified and safe!   On June 6, the State Food and Drug Administration introduced at a press conference held by the state information office that in terms of post marketing supervision of vaccines, the State Food and drug administration dispatched on-site supervision and services, and dispatched 77 inspectors to 14 novel coronavirus vaccine production sites nationwide to coordinate and solve various problems encountered by enterprises in production in a timely manner; Strictly control the quality and do a good job in quality inspection batch by batch.

So far, more than 8000 batches have been inspected and issued, with a total of 3 billion doses.

All these novel coronavirus vaccines meet the regulations and effectively ensure the vaccination needs of vaccines.

The State Administration has taken multiple regulatory measures to ensure that every novel coronavirus vaccine vaccinated by the people is qualified and safe.

(State Food and Drug Administration)   4.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia guidance manual.

  Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic guidance manual was released on 7 th.

The manual guides key places, key units and key people to do a good job in protection in the form of pictures and texts.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key unit of key places in the key place.

It is compiled by the relevant guidelines for prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (August 2021 Edition), which is used by all relevant personnel in various fields and industries for reference.

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Circular of the State Pharmaceutical Administration of the people’s Republic of China on the guiding principles for technical review of clinical evaluation of intravascular catheter comparison with the same variety   On July 7, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the guiding principles for technical review of clinical evaluation of intravascular catheters with the same variety, which aims to help and guide the registration applicant to carry out the clinical evaluation of intravascular catheters with the same variety, strengthen the supervision and guidance on the registration of medical devices, and help the evaluation institutions to conduct scientific and standardized evaluation on the clinical evaluation of such products, Improve the quality and efficiency of review.

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Shenzhen issued guidelines for the implementation of the unique identification system for medical devices   On June 6, Shenzhen market supervision bureau issued the guidelines for the implementation of domestic medical device unique identification (UDI) system based on GS1 standard, which aims to guide medical device manufacturers to carry out UDI code assignment, data declaration, etc.

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Guizhou food and Drug Administration announces drug quality announcement   Recently, in order to strengthen drug quality supervision, Guizhou food and drug administration has carried out random inspection of drug quality.

The random inspection of the whole province involves 2573 batches of drugs from 581 sampled units and 961 drug manufacturing enterprises.

After verification, 2571 batches have been inspected to meet the drug standards, and 2 batches have not met the drug standards.

Guizhou bureau will investigate and punish relevant units in accordance with laws and regulations, urge them to correct illegal acts and strengthen risk prevention and control.

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Hard bed PK soft bed   Hard bed? Soft bed? How to choose? A foreign professor did an experiment very seriously.

He prepared three beds of different materials: water bed, foam mattress and hard mattress.

The subjects were randomly divided into three groups and slept on different beds.

The effects of the three beds on alleviating low back pain and improving sleep were compared.

The ranking from high to low is: medium hardness foam mattress, the most soft water bed, hard mattress.

From this experiment, we can know that the mattress with medium hardness is the best choice, while the hard mattress is the worst choice.

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Robot achievement: electrode implantation enables epilepsy focus resection without craniotomy   Recently, Chongqing’s first robot assisted three-dimensional EEG electrode implantation epilepsy surgery to help patients achieve surgical resection without craniotomy.

Before operation, experts accurately fused different kinds of medical images of the patient’s head, and determined the skull entry point and target point of electrode implantation based on the clearly observed different intracranial anatomical structures of the patient.

The three-dimensional EEG technology can accurately determine the scope of epileptic focus of patients.

Doctors can efficiently complete electrode implantation with the help of surgical robot.

When performing surgery, they can avoid cerebrovascular and important brain functional areas and remove the focus.

At present, the recovery of brain function is very rapid and the prognosis is good.

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Huaxin medical completed a new round of financing, and sunshine Ronghui capital led the investment exclusively   Recently, Hunan Huaxin medical completed a new round of financing, which was exclusively invested by sunshine Ronghui capital.

Huaxin medical focuses on the R & D and production of disposable electronic endoscope products.

Disposable endoscope is low-cost and consumable, and can carry out special product integration and innovation iteration.

Compared with the high cost of reusable endoscope, the cost decreases rapidly after the endoscope is consumable.

The consumables of endoscope will lead the development of endoscope to “specialization”, such as integrating with other surgical consumables to make a special mirror for a certain operation type, combining with surgical robot to promote the evolution of flexible surgical robot, expanding emergency use scenarios, etc.

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