Dongguan parents need to know: minors avoid these conditions when vaccinated with COVID-19.

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The general public should establish the idea that “everyone is the first responsible person of their own health”.

There is no taboo.

People of what age should be inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

The national health and Health Committee published the “COVID-19 vaccine immunization adverse reaction quiz” recently explained: psychogenic reaction is that after vaccination, the reaction of the psychological factors due to the vaccination is mainly due to the psychological stress and anxiety caused by vaccination, and no organic damage is related to the characteristics of the vaccine itself.

Group psychogenic reactions can occur during group vaccination activities, so how to prevent psychogenic reactions? Let’s see.

Don’t vaccinate when you’re hungry; Do not vaccinate under excessive fatigue; When children are nervous, parents should do a good job in psychological counseling.

If the child is very nervous when he goes to the site for vaccination, or has had psychological reaction in the past, or has a history of needle fainting, he should truthfully tell the vaccination doctor, so that the vaccination doctor will take some measures from a professional point of view to avoid or alleviate his excessive psychological pressure or anxiety.

The occurrence and severity of psychogenic reaction will be greatly reduced by psychological counseling, distraction, changing inoculation environment and inoculation position.

Special emphasis should be placed on staying on the spot for 30 minutes after vaccination   There are two purposes to stay for 30 minutes: 1.

Avoid acute allergic reaction.

If this happens, it can be rescued on site, including anaphylactic shock; 2.

If syncope occurs after vaccination, it can be handled in time without any accidental injury.

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