Eight days after Ambassador Qin Gang took office, the United States suddenly said that it did not want China to compensate for the novel

According to media reports on August 5th, the New York Post published an article entitled “the white house does not support Trump’s request to compensate China for COVID-19 $10 trillion” in August 4th.

The article pointed out that in August 4th, the White House press secretary Psaki said that President Biden did not support former president Trump.

“China needs to pay more than $10 trillion for COVID-19”.

Ponce said to the media at a daily press conference that “our position has not changed”.

When asked if Biden was open to the idea, he said, “do you have any other questions?” Trump once claimed that China must compensate COVID-19 for the United States.

Even recently, in a recording speech at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump said: “China must pay the indemnity.

We have been seriously injured in death and life.” he added, “even if they pay 10 trillion dollars, that is not enough.” In addition, at the media briefing of the US State Department on the same day, Ned price, spokesman of the US State Department, also said on China’s recent talks with Afghan Taliban representatives that the United States agrees with China’s diplomatic efforts and relevant statements, and supports Afghanistan’s internal dialogue.

Only through diplomatic means can a lasting solution be reached This is also one of the areas where the United States (and China) have common interests.

It is worth mentioning that that day is also the eighth day of the arrival of Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gang.

The United States has paid much attention to the new Chinese ambassador to the United States.

The New York times has paid attention to the “particularity” of the ambassador to the United States and frankly said that there are some difficulties in this job.

National public radio of the United States (NPR) commented that a sharp spoken and talented Chinese Ambassador might make China US relations more colorful.

On the night of July 28, Qin Gang immediately sent a friendly signal through the Chinese and American media after arriving in Washington.

He stressed, “I believe that the door of China US relations has been opened, it will not be closed.

This is the trend of the times, the general trend and the aspirations of the people.” At the same time, Ambassador Qin Gang’s welcome speech, updated on the website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, also mentioned that “I hope this website will become a bridge for the embassy to communicate with all walks of life in the United States, a window for friends from all walks of life to understand China and China US relations, and a link to enhance the friendship between the two peoples.” the daily editor is not easy.

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