Guangdong novel coronavirus pneumonia: the new individual of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Guangdong Province: from the

On March 29, 2020, Zhuankou isolation point in Wuhan.

Peng huajuan, chief of the education and reform section of Guangdong Women’s prison, could not forget the scene at that time: a criminal who had repeatedly maimed himself and was unwilling to speak came out of the board room and sang “grateful heart”.

The song drifted from area a to area B, area C and area D.

gradually, more than 100 criminals sang in unison.

On that day, Wuhan, which had been cloudy and rainy for many days, cleared up.

The police who have stood for many days in the wind and rain have warmed their hearts.

During the 30 days and nights, 720 hours and 43200 minutes of “retrograde” assistance to Hubei provided by the correspondent, Peng huajuan worked with the task force to ensure the supervision safety of isolated criminals.

At the same time, they also used the effective management experience accumulated in Guangdong to open their heart knot.

Peng Huajuan described this novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak as a “blooming” from his police career.

Paintings and songs of isolation points in early March last year, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei was grim.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Peng Huajuan, who has 20 years’ experience in education and reform of criminals, volunteered to serve as deputy leader of the Guangdong prison female police force to help Hubei prison system fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

In the shelter hospital, one of the important tasks of female policemen is to stabilize and control the thoughts of criminals.

The father of a famous criminal is serving his sentence in another prison.

Affected by the epidemic, the father and daughter have not talked for a long time.

Worried about his father’s safety, the criminal has been very anxious.

After the policewoman learned about the situation, she let her father and daughter talk on the phone to help her untie her heart knot.

“Criminals have not experienced the epidemic.

It is normal for us unfamiliar police officers from Guangdong to feel uneasy.

We should change our position, understand them, and then adjust their emotions.” with the help of Peng huajuan and others, the “family phone” dialed from the shelter hospital is like a key, which opens the closed hearts of criminals.

In order to ease the tension in the shelter, the police also compiled three character scriptures of health exercises, interesting clapping exercises and epidemic prevention, and practiced and read aloud with the criminals.

Later, due to the need of epidemic prevention, the Guangdong Women’s prison aid team to Hubei moved to Zhuankou isolation point.

At the isolation point, the police need to be on duty outdoors for 24 hours.

At that time, it was a cold wave.

The policewomen pasted more than 20 warm babies on their bodies, but the soles of their feet were still cool.

The rain hit his face and soon his goggles fogged.

“Some criminals were worried when they saw us outside in the rain.” Peng huajuan said that they were on duty several times in the late night wind and rain, and the prisoners looked at them silently and accompanied them through the first floor window.

Every day, Peng huajuan goes on rounds to talk to at least 20 criminals.

Criminal a Fang (a pseudonym) has not been very talkative since he came to the isolation point and tried to commit suicide.

Peng huajuan and a Fang talked, and the other party said, “you are a foreign police officer, it’s no use talking to you” and blocked her back.

The policewomen decided to communicate with ah Fang in another way.

The isolation point was in poor conditions.

They used cotton swabs instead of brushes to guide ah Fang to draw.

At first, ah Fang could only draw herself, or a kitten or a mouse.

It was always a single thing.

“We would look for her every day.

She felt our company and gradually felt relieved.” Peng huajuan recalled that once, after ah Fang finished painting herself, she suddenly drew a police officer around her, indicating that everyone wanted to be together.

When the work of Guangdong prison women’s police team in assisting Hubei was coming to an end, a Fang took the lead in singing “grateful heart”, and Peng huajuan burst into tears.

Four touching “scenes” Peng huajuan participated in prison work in 2000 and became a “guide” to light up the new life of criminals, which is her initial heart from the police.

Previously, song, a criminal involved in the underworld who had a history of drug abuse for more than 10 years, successfully detoxified with the help of Peng huajuan.

After she got out of prison, she opened an online shop by using the manual embroidery skills she learned in prison and sent Peng huajuan a letter: “you lit a lamp for me to have my new life today.” together with the letter, she also sent a pair of embroidered shoes made by herself.

Peng huajuan has been collecting these two things carefully.

Peng huajuan said that prison police is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it is also one of the most meaningful jobs.

Educating and transforming a criminal can save a family, harmonize a community and protect one’s peace.

Correspondent Peng huajuan described this value with four moving “lenses”: after the education and correction of the police, the criminals who fought against the management reformed and said “thank you, police officer” from the bottom of her heart; When a prisoner released after serving his sentence changes into a prison uniform prepared by the prison and leaves the prison with full expectation to rejuvenate; At the scene of thematic activities such as family help and education and prison open day, criminals confess to their families and help them gently wipe the tears on their faces; After the criminals got out of prison, they worked hard to get their life on track and made small achievements in their career.

When they sent letters of good news to the police…

“This is the value and brilliance of our profession,” she said.

In recent years, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been awarded the “Guangdong province’s advanced individual” to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, “Guangdong outstanding communist party members” and other honors.

She was awarded the “peace hero” in the “peaceful star” network publicity campaign organized by the central political and Law Commission.

Source: Nanfang + client, Nanfang Daily..