How to defeat COVID-19 on a global scale? American experts: learn from China and cooperate with China

Source: official account: novel coronavirus pneumonia, 222527184 cases were diagnosed by global statistical data, and 4596860 cases were accumulated in Beijing, according to Worldometer real-time statistics, around 6:30 September 8th in Beijing.

ID:zhengganyans was the most common case in September 8th.

There were 609171 new confirmed cases and 9190 new deaths in a single day in the world.

The United States, India, the United Kingdom, Iran and Turkey are the five countries with the largest number of newly confirmed cases, while Russia, India, the United States, Iran and Indonesia are the five countries with the largest number of newly confirmed cases.

  China has been in a complete mess after more than 20 months of global tension and epidemic, and the victory of the basic victory over the epidemic in China, and a few other countries.

The situation in the world COVID-19 is still in a mess.

The novel coronavirus vaccine developed can not catch up with the speed of virus mutation.

After vaccination, it will still be infected and can not become the “firewall” of the human body.

Because of this small virus, more than 600000 people will still be infected and nearly 10000 people will die every day.

According to this conservative figure, nearly 4.6 million people have died in the world.

The actual figure may be doubled and far exceed this figure, which makes the world into tragedy.

  Even some righteous people in the United States can’t see such a tragedy.

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key issue.

Recently, Jeffrey Sachs, the chairman of the center for sustainable development of Columbia University and chairman of the new international medical journal Lancet, and a famous economist, told the Malaysia media that the United States must cooperate with China to find a global solution to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, so as to end the epidemic that has been rampant around the world.

Sachs believes that China has done very well in fighting the epidemic, and the world could and should have learned more from China’s response.

The way he proposed to overcome COVID-19 is simple, with 10 words: learning from China and working with China.

  Sax was a sensible man and saw the way.

Can the novel coronavirus epidemic be overcome? The answer is yes, yes.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is China’s one billion and four hundred million population, 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land, such a large country, can achieve novel coronavirus pneumonia infection, even the crazy “delta” variant strains also “cut off the horse down”, is this the miracle of victory in front of us? China can, why can’t other countries? Our wills unite like a fortress.

If we are willing to learn from China, if China is willing to cooperate with China, if we have the idea of “the community of human destiny” and unite together, the more ambitious COVID-19 will not be our opponent.

Finding any reason is an excuse for failure.

What China can do and what other countries cannot do can only be explained by excuses.

The United States is the country with the most developed science and technology, the most developed medicine and the most developed economy in the world, but it is also the country with the most failed anti epidemic.

Why? First, they are arrogant, do not respect science and do not know reflection.

Political epidemic prevention has replaced scientific epidemic prevention.

Wearing a mask and having fewer parties is the least common sense, but many Americans just don’t implement it.

They also say that wearing a mask doesn’t give him “freedom” and having fewer parties violates his “rights”.

This selfishness based on self-interest regardless of the safety of other people’s lives and health is the root cause of the failure of the United States to fight the epidemic.

From the president of the United States to the bottom people, this concept of no overall situation and social morality has harmed the United States; Second, the United States missed the best time for epidemic prevention.

When did the epidemic in the United States begin? Now it’s a mystery.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia may be the first thing that began in the summer and autumn of 2019.

There are many “electronic cigarette white lung disease” people around the Fort Fort, USA.

The symptoms are similar to that of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Is it the first COVID-19? The cold pandemic in the United States in 2019 killed more than 10000 people.

Are there new patients in it? If we pay attention to it from then on, we believe that the results of the United States in fighting the epidemic will be much better.

Even if the epidemic alarm in Wuhan, China is calculated, the United States will not pay attention to the epidemic as it is now.

Third, the inequality of epidemic prevention caused by the gap between the rich and the poor makes the United States unable to fight the epidemic effectively.

For the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention, China adopts the model of free diagnosis and free treatment for all the people, collecting all the accounts receivable and treating all the diseases that should be treated.

Although the United States has a lot of money, it can’t do this.

The rich can be treated when they are ill, but what about the poor? Death has become a source of infection.

Nearly 670000 people have died in the United States so far.

Who are most of the dead? The vast majority of the poor are still incurable.

The mortality rate of novel coronavirus pneumonia is not that high, but is it not strange that the death rate in the United States is so high?   Due to the great influence of the United States in the world, many countries learn from the United States.

The epidemic prevention measures of the president of Brazil are a replica of trump.

As a result, the “poor students” learn from the “poor students”, which is the same as learning to play chess and learning from the rotten basket.

Behind the United States, Brazil, India, Britain and Italy all lined up with poor results in the fight against the epidemic.

Most importantly, China, which has achieved the best results, has been condemned and ridiculed by these countries.

Anti scientific statements such as “mass immunization” and “coexisting with the virus” are popular, which is simply black and white.

As Mr.

Sachs said, it is time to learn from China and cooperate with China.

If we do not learn from China’s advanced anti epidemic experience, the global epidemic will never be peaceful.

China is not a conservative country and is willing to share its experience in fighting the epidemic with other countries in the world, but it is helpless that the politicians of some countries are stubborn!..