Hu Shan middle school students COVID-19 vaccination second needles inoculation instructions

Vaccinations for students in Hushan middle school, COVID-19 vaccine second needle inoculation instructions to accelerate the work of COVID-19 vaccination, and establish the universal immune barrier as soon as possible.

According to the spirit of the video conference of the 12-17 year old population’s novel coronavirus vaccination work held by the provincial education department in July 30th, “COVID-19 vaccination program for people aged 12 to 17 years in Ningbo” and The notice on “COVID-19 vaccination work for students 12 to 17 years of age in Cixi” has been successfully completed.

On August 21st and 22, our school has successfully completed the first vaccination program for students.

According to the requirements of our superiors, the second inoculation of COVID-19 vaccine for our school students is arranged as follows: 11-12 towns in 1.9 towns (streets) A special session for students will be set up at the Xinguan vaccination site.


Students who need the second injection must be accompanied by their parents and go to the vaccination site for vaccination according to the time period notified by SMS at the vaccination site (the second injection site is the same as the first injection site, and do not change the vaccination site at will) 2.

Bring the household register or student ID card or medical insurance card.

Prepare the health code, travel code and green code in advance, check the admission on site, and parents and students wear masks to ensure the epidemic prevention requirements.

Stay for 30 minutes in the designated area after vaccination.


For those vaccinated with Beijing Kexing Zhongwei vaccine, the interval between two injections shall be at least 14 days; for those vaccinated with Beijing biology, Changchun biology, Lanzhou biology and Chengdu Biology, the interval between two injections shall be at least 14 days The vaccination interval shall be at least 21 days; if you don’t know the type of vaccine you are vaccinating, those vaccinated on August 21 can be vaccinated on September 11, and those vaccinated on August 22 can only be vaccinated on September 12.


If there is taboo vaccination or suspension of vaccination, contact the vaccination site.


If school students fail to complete the vaccination within the centralized vaccination time due to diseases and other reasons, they shall meet the vaccination conditions After vaccination, accompanied by parents or guardians, they should timely complete the vaccination of corresponding doses at the vaccination point where they live or where the school is located.

Work together to vaccinate the epidemic situation.

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