Hulun Buir novel coronavirus pneumonia risk prevention and control tips

From September 8, 2021, Ruili City, Yunnan Province will be adjusted from a medium risk area to a low risk area.

As of 15:00 on September 8, there were no high-risk areas and two medium risk areas in China.

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in our city and improve the risk awareness of epidemic prevention of the general public, the following risk tips are put forward: first, recently, the World Health Organization named the novel coronavirus variant strain b.1.621 “Mu” (Miao) and listed it as “interested variant”.

The variant of interest refers to that the variant has genetic mutations that can affect the virus transmission ability, symptom severity and immune escape, and the level is lower than the “need to pay attention” variant of delta virus strain.

Since its first discovery in Colombia, South America in January 2021, the Miao strain has spread to 40 countries in South America and Europe, infecting more than 4000 people.

At present, the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is becoming more and more stable.

However, in view of the current epidemic situation abroad and the characteristics of COVID-19 prone to mutation, all regions and departments should always tighten the chord of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job in the work of “external defense input and internal anti rebound”, firmly uphold the idea of paralysis, fluke psychology and lax attitude, and continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic situation.

Two, novel coronavirus pneumonia is a high risk season for respiratory diseases.

In order to ensure the normalization and prevention of novel coronavirus pneumonia, we should strengthen the prevention and control of common respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza and other autumn and winter diseases, and prevent common diseases.

All kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels should give full play to the role of “outposts”, continuously improve the prevention and control awareness and ability of medical personnel, optimize the pre inspection, triage and treatment process, do a good job in the observation management of fever patients, strengthen the personal protection of medical personnel, medical personnel and caregivers, and reduce personnel gathering.

At the same time, hospital infection management should be strengthened.

In strict accordance with the requirements of the notice on further improving the working mechanism of infection prevention and control in medical institutions (joint prevention and control mechanism medical Fa [2021] No.

71), the “four mechanisms” of infection control in medical institutions should be established to achieve “internal and external prevention, doctor-patient prevention and character prevention”, so as to prevent the occurrence of cross infection events.

3、 Please consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and pay close attention to the epidemic information officially released by our city and other regions in China.

If you have a history of living in medium and high-risk areas, or have an intersection with the travel trajectory of confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons and close contacts, you should immediately report to the local disease control department or community (Gacha Village) and cooperate with relevant departments to accept community health monitoring, Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control such as nucleic acid detection, medical observation and epidemiological investigation.

In case of concealment, false reporting, delayed reporting, non reporting and other acts, the corresponding responsibilities will be investigated according to law and regulations.

Four, let the general public continue to adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, do not relax, follow the basic principles of “frequent hand washing, scientific wearing masks, attention to cough etiquette, civilized meals, less aggregation, 1 meters line, regular ventilation, good cleaning and disinfection, maintaining toilet hygiene, developing healthy lifestyle, vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine” and other basic principles of citizen epidemic prevention.

Improve self-protection awareness and health literacy, and strengthen the concept of the first person responsible for their own health.

Members of the public should actively cooperate with group prevention and group control, and strictly implement the prevention and control measures in strict accordance with the announcement of Hulun Buir city New Coronavirus infection prevention and control headquarters (No.


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