[latest report] Biden forced federal employees to be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine. The Justice Department sued Texas for

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Biden forced federal employees to get a novel coronavirus vaccine and asked the big enterprises to take similar measures.

In September 9th, President Biden issued the most serious epidemic prevention measures since the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak, aiming at increasing the vaccination rate and inhibiting the spread of variant virus.

The new measures will affect up to 100 million people.

Biden announced that he would sign an executive order to force all employees and contract workers of federal agencies to be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine, and not to accept virus testing as a substitute.

The order will cover millions of employees who will have to complete vaccination within 75 days or will be dismissed.

At the same time, Biden also asked all large enterprises with more than 100 employees to force their employees to be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine or tested for the virus every week.

This will affect about 80 million people.

About 17 million employees working in health institutions receiving federal medical insurance or Medicaid are also required to be fully vaccinated.

Biden also announced that the federal government will increase the supply of virus detection equipment and will strengthen efforts to help schools reopen safely.

In addition, he also asked those who want to enter large entertainment places to show vaccination certificates or nucleic acid test negative certificates.

Just two months ago, Biden declared too early that the United States was “independent” of COVID-19.

Today, although more than 28 million Americans have received at least one dose of novel coronavirus vaccine, the number of novel coronavirus confirmed cases in the United States every day has increased by about three times compared with the same period last year, the number of hospitalized cases has increased by about 2.5 times, and the number of deaths has nearly tripled.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 53% of Americans are fully vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Currently, most novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been identified among unvaccinated people.

On September 9, Biden delivered a speech in the White House state banquet hall and announced new epidemic prevention measures (photo source: Associated Press).

The Justice Department sued Texas for “the most severe abortion ban”, saying it openly violated the constitution.

On September 9, the federal justice department sued Texas’s abortion ban law, which is called “the most severe abortion ban”, saying it was a “public confrontation against the constitution”.

The Department of Justice filed a petition in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas, requesting a federal judge to declare the statute invalid and stop its implementation.

“According to the long-standing precedent of the Supreme Court, the regulations are clearly unconstitutional,” justice minister Merrick garland said at a news conference on the same day.

The Justice Department said the Texas law illegally violated women’s rights given by the Constitution and violated the “supreme clause” in the constitution, that is, federal laws are superior to state laws.

Federal officials are also worried that other states may implement similar laws and regulations, which may “deprive citizens of their constitutional rights”.

The Texas law prohibits all abortions after detecting the fetal heartbeat (usually 6 weeks of pregnancy), which is often before women realize they are pregnant.

Although the court stopped other states from implementing similar prohibitions, the biggest difference in Texas’s regulations is that it allows ordinary people to enforce the law through civil litigation, not by prosecutors.

This law is also the most stringent law restricting abortion since the historic judgment of the Federal Supreme Court in the Roe v.

Wade case in 1973.

Last week, the Supreme Court refused to overturn Texas’s abortion ban by a 5-4 ruling.

After that, the Ministry of justice faced great pressure.

President Biden called the law “hardly American”, and Democratic congressmen also asked garland to take measures.

On September 8, he Jinli (right) attended a rally on the platform for Newson (left) (photo source: AssociatedPress) [related link] [Asian American special report] the Supreme Court upheld the “strictest abortion ban” and “Luo v.

Wade case” are you sure to reverse? Water overflows golden hill, New York’s top priority will be overturned by the Supreme Court to overturn the “most severe abortion ban” hurricane remnant cloud system.

Many WAL-MART’s WAL-MART will raise some American employees’ salaries.

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on Microsoft’s indefinite delay in resuming its office.

The technology giant Microsoft Corp announced that The company will postpone indefinitely the reopening of its headquarters park in Redmond, Washington, and other office buildings in the United States.

Microsoft also appeared more cautious this time and did not disclose a new date for resuming offline office.

The new measures will affect more than 103 thousand employees of Microsoft in the United States, reflecting the increasing number of large technology enterprises facing New Coronavirus’s hospitalization and death cases, and taking a more cautious attitude towards resuming offline offices.

When the infection of COVID-19 (B.1.617.2 strain) increased dramatically, e-commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon Co said that the technology and management staff of the United States and other countries will resume their business from next January.

Also at that time, Microsoft said it would postpone its resumption of offline office from September 7 to October 4.

Today, Microsoft has not given a specific date.

“In view of the uncertainty of New Coronavirus, we decided not to predict the full date of the re opening of US office space until we can do this safely based on public health guidelines,” wrote Microsoft vice president J Patano (JaredSpataro) in an official statement.

Spartano said that once they are ready to welcome employees back to work, the company will prepare employees for a 30 day transition period.

Last month, Microsoft announced that all employees, vendors and visitors entering the company’s office building should be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Although many technology enterprises have made plans to resume offline office before and after the Labor Day holiday, Amazon, apple, Facebook, Google and other enterprises have decided to postpone the implementation until next year.

Data figure: on November 10, 2016, a passer-by walked through the door of Microsoft office building in New York   (photo source: AssociatedPress) today’s tushuo news (photo source: AssociatedPress) on September 9, the school board of Los Angeles United School District unanimously approved a new decision requiring students over the age of 12 to be vaccinated before they can return to the classroom.

As the second largest public school district in China, the Los Angeles United School District has about 630000 students, most of whom are of Latin American descent.

Previously, the school district has required all students and teaching staff to receive virus testing and wear masks every week, and teaching staff to be vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children accounted for about a quarter of all newly diagnosed cases in the United States as of the week of September 2.

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